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Why You Grow Echinacea at Home

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If you are interested in natural remedies and homeopathic therapies, you have certainly heard about Echinacea. Whenever you suffer from a cold or flu, one of the most recommended herbal remedies is Echinacea. No matter how you choose to take […]

DIY: The Easiest Recipe for Cough Syrup

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Some studies have shown that honey is as efficient in treating cough and sore throats as the syrups sold in drugstores. The advantage is that honey is 100% natural and it doesn’t present any possible side effects. If you’re used […]

Treating Sore Throat – Gargle with Ginger, Vinegar and Honey

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James A. Duke, the highly-acknowledged botanist, talks in his book “The Green Pharmacy”, about the effectiveness of ginger, especially for treating a sore throat. Plus, when combined with vinegar and honey, the remedy is expected to produce marvels. Ginger has […]