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Sinus Infection – How to Treat It without Antibiotics

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A sinus infection can be described as the inflammation and congestion of the sinuses. This problem is very common nowadays, and it can be triggered by a large variety of factors, especially by allergens. The main symptoms include headaches, facial […]

Home remedies for sinus infections

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Sinus infections, often caused by allergies, the presence of nasal polyps, a deviated septum or exposure to irritants like cigarette smoke, are painful, often inflammatory conditions of the hollow, air-filled sacs which lie behind the cheekbones and forehead. These infections […]

Clear Your Sinuses with this Sinus Infection Remedy Tonic

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If you deal with acute or chronic sinusitis, or just want to clear your senses, then you’ve got to make this incredible sinus infection remedy! Most people take up to five different medications to treat their sinus infections, even if […]

Cyclamen – A Remedy for Sinusitis and Liver Disease

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“The dose makes the poison.” This adage of Paracelsus, while true even for water or oxygen, is to be taken seriously especially when dealing with plants such as cyclamen. This is a plant traditionally used by some people for treating […]

Blocked Sinuses – Natural Remedies

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According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are almost 29 million adults suffering from sinusitis or sinus problems. Sinus infections may be caused by cold, allergies or deviated septum. Although antibiotics are the first medicines recommended in these […]

6 Home Remedies for Sinus Infections

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Sinus infections are extremely common, yet they are quite annoying because they form pressure and block your airways and nasal cavity and thus the infection is formed. The symptoms that come with this condition are nasal discharge and stuffiness, loss […]

Suffering from Sinusitis? – A Few Natural Remedies

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  When you suffer from sinusitis, you probably know that your facial bones membranes become congested infecting as such the mucus. Find down below a few useful natural remedies to help you fight this condition: * A home remedy includes […]