6 Home Remedies for Sinus Infections

Sinus infections are extremely common, yet they are quite annoying because they form pressure and block your airways and nasal cavity and thus the infection is formed. The symptoms that come with this condition are nasal discharge and stuffiness, loss of smell, facial pain and cough. Sinus infections can be caused by a deviated septum, nasal polyps, allergic rhinitis and common colds. Luckily they can be treated with various home remedies.

6 Home Remedies for Sinus Infections

1. Saline

In order to irrigate and soothe your nasal passages, you can use a saline rinse. Mix water with sea salt and you will obtain a powerful tonic that will immediately eliminate the infection. At the same time, the blocked mucus will be loosened and, moreover, you won’t have to worry about the recurrence of this disease.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

This product is both a nutritional supplement and a nasal rinse. It can be used to prevent or cure a sinus infection and it is rich in nutrients that will also strengthen your immune system. Dilute some apple cider vinegar in water and rinse the nasal cavity to eliminate infection and thin mucus. You can also drink a mixture of water (6 ounces), apple cider vinegar (2 teaspoons) and honey (1 teaspoon)  for up to 5 times per day.

3. Cayenne

Cayenne pepper can improve the blood circulation in the body and as a result it can treat sinus infections. The capsaicin in the cayenne is extremely stimulating, boosting the blood flow in the nasal passages and promoting mucus release. You can also use this product as a swab for your nasal cavity. We should warn you that this treatment might burn a little, due to the fact that cayenne is quite chili.

4. Grapefruit Seed Extract

This is a citrus extract with powerful antibiotic properties, being able to inhibit viruses, bacteria, parasites, microbes and even various fungi. There are various nasal sprays that contain grapefruit seed extract and can be efficiently used for sinus infections. Apply it regularly until the infection disappears.

5. Herbs

You can include horseradish, onion and garlic in your meals and soup and consume them when you have a sinus infection. They are efficient in eliminating and dissolving the excess mucus. For powerful drainage, you can consume a tablespoon of lemon juice and crushed horseradish. It has been proven to immediately cleanse your nasal passages. Wasabi or Japanese horseradish is an extremely powerful healer. You can add it in your meals, but be careful because it’s extremely hot.

6. Steam Therapy

Opening the nasal passages is extremely important. In order to do so, you can use steams. Boil some water, then drape a towel over your head and stay above the bowl. This way, the steam can effectively enter your sinuses and free them. Sit there for almost half an hour and by the end, you will feel much better. Add thyme, lavender or eucalyptus essential oil to boost the treatment and have even better results. These herbs also have antimicrobial properties and they can fight against the bacteria causing the sinus infection.

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