Suffering from Sinusitis? – A Few Natural Remedies


Sinusitis=Natural=RemediesWhen you suffer from sinusitis, you probably know that your facial bones membranes become congested infecting as such the mucus. Find down below a few useful natural remedies to help you fight this condition:

* A home remedy includes the consumption of horseradish that is crushed and mixed with lemon juice. Other herbs are: peppermint, eucalyptus, cayenne pepper, garlic, onion as well as rosemary.

* Use the neti pot that is filled with 2 cups of warm where 1 teaspoon of salt has been dissolved.

* Grapefruit seed extract that is found in all the health stores has been proved very effective when it comes to its antibiotic properties that can help in treating sinusitis. This one will prevent bacteria, viruses and parasites from thriving and it used in a form of a nasal spray.

* Also watch your diet when you have a sinusitis symptom and stay away from eggs, dairy products, chocolate and processed foods. Instead eat in moderation consuming lentils, whole grains and cold-pressed oils.

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