Foods to Avoid During Menopause

Every woman is thinking with fear at menopause period. The heart beats faster than you can count sheep, your eyes and mind show no sign of sleep at all, and your entire body stops listening to you. These are the first symptoms of menopause most women experience sooner or later in life. One way to refrain these symptoms is to build yourself a powerful diet and learn more tricks about how to maintain your inner and outer shape.


A balanced diet is essential for a healthy body, generally speaking. And when you’re facing menopause, we know that a healthy body can pass much easier through the challenges of this period. Every woman should fortify their defense system with high quality foods.

But you can start by making a list with foods to avoid during menopause. Unhealthy foods worsen menopause symptoms and they only prolong your sorrow. Here are some foods that you should avoid during menopause:

> Alcohol, coffeine & spices

Menopause is a stressful time and many women use alcohol to calm their nerves. This is not a healthy choice when your hormones are already out of control. Alcohol intensifies mood swings and causes fatigue. If you do want to benefit of alcohol’s healthy properties, it is more advisable to consume one glass of alcohol per day. This will help you avoid nerve tensions, arguments and fights.

During menopause most women experience hot flushes and insomnia. Caffeine is known for its energizing effects, so it is advisable to limit the consumption of coffee or other caffeinated beverages, especially during the afternoon

Menopause and chili spices are a risky combination. Spices intensify discomfort and heat palpitations. If you like spicy food, it is advisable to use smaller amounts.

> Fatty meat

Avoid fatty meats as they seem to be the first reasons why women during menopause tend to gain extra pounds. One solution to avoid this inconvenience is to eat more raw food and combine a strict diet with more physical exercises. Note that it’s essential to limit consumption of fatty foods, especially saturated fat sources.

Eat instead lean meats such as chicken or fish. Choose low-fat milk and cheese and watch out for the consumption of fried foods. Prepare grilled food and use healthy oils that contain beneficial fats.

> Refined carbohydrates

Menopause is a good reason to stay away from refined carbohydrates or at least to reduce your daily intake of pasta, white bread, rice and potatoes. These are the foods that cause weakness and mood swings. Processed carbohydrates increase blood sugar levels and cause extra weight gain, not to mention of various other heart diseases such as diabetes. It is extremely important for menopausal women to know which carbohydrates are beneficial for their body.

In contrast, complex carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and vegetables stimulate the metabolism and help control the weight of your body. For an effective diet, make a list of good carbs and follow it strictly.

> Sweet and salty snacks

Sugar and salt are found in most foods we regularly eat. Sodium found in salt is a mineral that promotes hypertension, while salt found in processed foods can cause cancer.

On the other hand, sugar promotes weight gain and it is also secretly responsible for lethargy and fatigue, as it dries out healthy nutrients from the body.

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