Top Unusual Ingredients Hidden in Your Beauty Products

Women and beauty products: a connection that has been lasting for centuries now. And that is not surprising. There is nothing like a new flattering lipstick that compliments your skin type and hair color, boosting your confidence. However, there are certain aspects that most of us ignore, when buying the foundation we’ve been saving for, or that lovely perfume with its romantic scent that has been on our “to purchase list”. And that would be the contents of these beauty products. These are basically unusual ingredients that may trigger one’s curiosity while at the same time provoking one’s disgust.

unusual ingredients for beauty products

  • Placenta – Placenta is that part of the human body that is essential for the development and growth of a baby. It is mostly used in face creams for its anti-aging properties. Being extracted from animals, or even humans, it appears to contain a large number of hormones, for instance estrogen, therefore enhancing your skin and hair.
  • Pepper Spray – Sometimes when using calming or relief creams, one might experience that warming, relaxing feeling, which is granted by the presence of pepper spray in the composition of the lotion.
  • Newborn Foreskin – This ingredient is no longer used at present. But in the past, it would be utilized because it reduced wrinkles and improved one’s complexion.
  • Whale Vomit – A certain component found in whale vomit, named ambergris, seems to have been used in the past in the manufacturing of different beauty products as starting basis for perfume. At present, it has been replaced with chemical elements.
  • Chicken Bone Marrow – Chicken Bone Marrow seems to be a source of anti-inflammatory properties, while at the same time being rich in glucosamine. A component met in face creams, it is believed to offer a youthful healthy glow to your complexion.
  • DynamiteA certain constituent in the formation of dynamite, called diatomaceous earth, is used in the creation of various products such as toothpaste or antiperspirants.
  • Snail Ooze – The drain produced by snails, used in various creams and lotions, stands for another weird and unusual component that lingers in our beauty products.
  • Cochineal Beetles – These beetles are found in South-America, feeding on cactus juice. After being scratched off the plant, they are dried, boiled and crushed into a powder named carmine. This powder is used as color substituent for various lipsticks.
  • Human Breast Milk – Human breast milk, besides being known for its large amount of nutrients and vitamins, also presents various aspects that basically transform it into a magic potion. It seems to have an amazing impact on irritated skin, while presenting anti-aging properties, keeping your complexion firm and smooth.
  • Emu and Mink Oil – Emu and mink oil provides a kind of fat which presents great properties. Therefore, it is widely used in the creation of sunscreen and shaving cream.
  • Gas relief medication – This ingredient is mainly used in hair care products, such as shampoo or conditioner, maintaining your hair smooth and silky.
  • Bull Semen – This component is mainly used as a means to naturally get hair in style in various hair saloons in Europe. Apparently, the smell doesn’t seem to bother the users.
  • Road Kill – This is another unusual component we seem to spread on our face or hair. The fat extracted from these animals’ bodies seems to be found in hair conditioners, lipsticks or even eye shadow.

In conclusion, I assume your curiosity, or disgust has been satisfied. From now on, will you use your make up products differently?

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