Top 12 Dirtiest Everyday Objects

Every day we interfere with many objects, from the glass we use to drink water to our desk. What we may not know is that these objects may be full of germs that can lead to serious diseases. What are the everyday objects that can be harmful for our health? We will tell you everything about them and how to clean them.

dirtiest objects

Dirtiest everyday objects

We touch hundreds of objects every day and all of them are full of germs. In order to maintain our health, we should clean them as often as possible and wash our hands as soon as we touch a dirty object. Here is a list of objects that you touch daily and can become harmful for your health:

  • The kitchen sponge can be a pleasant place for germs to hide. The plates will be infected with germs as well if you don’t replace it every week or so.
  • The remote control is perfect for germs because, when we watch TV, we use to eat snacks, and after that touch the remote without washing our hands. We should be more careful and wash our hands immediately. Also, the remote should be disinfected as often as you can.
  • The computer keyboard is full of germs because it can be easily transferred from one person to another. You should clean it at least once a week in order to eliminate the germs.
  • Money is a focal point for germs because it gets in contact with a lot of hands. Try to wash your hands or disinfect them every time you deal with money.
  • The fridge handle, the shifter knob and the door knob are items that are touched daily, but cleaned rarely. They are full of germs and we should clean them with sanitizer in order to eliminate the possibility of getting sick. Keep in mind that bacteria can be easily transferred from one space to another.
  • The bathtub can become a dangerous place for everyone because the bacteria is not flushed down completely and it can spread very easily. Clean your bathtub with sanitizer once you finish your bath.
  • The toilet seat is full of bacteria, every inch of it has at least 295 types of bacteria. Make sure that you clean it with sanitizer daily or every 2 days in order to not get sick.
  • The light switch can be a good place for germs to hide because we touch it daily and we can easily transfer the bacteria from our hands to the light switch and vice versa.
  • The chopping board can become a very disgusting object if you don’t clean it daily.
  • Your cell phone is full of bacteria because you use it in every moment of your life. Try to clean it as often as you can, in order to eliminate the bacteria.
  • The shopping cart can be so helpful, but so harmful, at the same time. It is touched by many people who come to the supermarket and the studies show that it’s dirtier than escalators and public bathrooms.
  • The kitchen sink is a dangerous place because it collects all the bacteria from food and dirty plates. Even if the water is running, that doesn’t mean that the sink is clean. wash it every day with bleach-based products.

Watch out for these objects and try to clean them as often as you can. Bacteria can be dangerous for you and your loved ones, so you should take a sanitizer and start cleaning every inch of your house as careful as possible. Also, remember to do that on a regular basis.

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