Looking to Start a Juice Cleanse? Here Is What You Need to Know

There is a lot of fuss going around juice cleanses these days. Doing a juice cleanse can be really beneficial for your body, because you are giving a break to your digestive system, but you are still taking in all the nutrients. The results will be seen in no time. Not only will you lose some water weight, but you will also feel more energized and have glowing skin.

juice cleanse facts

Here are the things you need to know before you start your cleansing procedure:

  • Avoid commercial juices – do not buy cleansing juices from the store. The pre-packed products can contain a lot of sugar and have low nutritional content.
  • Go with the greens – do not jump on the fruits. Cleansing juices should be made from more veggies and a few fruits. The fructose in fruits can actually cause your triglycerides to grow.
  • Get to know your own body – if you are on a juice cleanse, make sure you listen to your body. It will tell you exactly what it digs and what it does not. Only you can determine if the cleanse is the right step for you or not.
  • Baby steps – if this is your first attempt at juice cleanse, be sure you slowly adjust your body. Since it is the first time you are not actually consuming any food, it might be quite complicated at first.
  • Keep it realistic – ideally, you should be able to drink freshly pressed juice at all times, but when you are working 12 hours, you can’t really do that. And aside from that, you need to take the oxidation into account. If you want to start a juice cleanse, you need to make sure you can drink juice at all times. If you settled for that, you can use tightly sealed recipients to store juice and take them with you at the office. Place them in the refrigerator.
  • Keep an open mind – if you can’t go through with the juice cleansing, there are plenty of other ways to cleanse your body, even by consuming whole foods. Combining elimination foods with fruits and veggies is a great method of cleansing your body during springtime.
  • Set realistic goals – for those of you who have not tried it yet, a juice cleanse will make you feel a bit sick the first few days, only because you’ll get rid of the toxins in your body. After a few more days, you will start feeling the benefits of juice cleansing.
  • Finish strong – after you decided you are done with the cleansing, do not get big on alcohol and food all of the sudden. Get back to eating solid foods slowly and make sure you avoid junk food.
  • Do your research – there are many juice cleanse diets out there. In order to identify the right one for your lifestyle, you must do your research.

A juice cleanse is not for everyone, so please research thoroughly before you decide to start such a process.

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