How to Eat According to Your Age

We all know that once we get older we can’t consume all the foods we used to eat in our 20s. We need to adapt everything we consume to our age.

eat according to your age

So here is what you should eat according to your age.

  • Age 20 – now is the best time to eat as much calcium as you can. Drink milk, eat cheese, chia seeds and take supplements if necessary. You need at least 1.000 mg of calcium per day. And having a diet rich in calcium is also a method of preventing the premenstrual syndrome. At the same time, snack on things rich in protein. It will help you manage stress better. Do not reach for that coffee yet, because it is a quick fix to a persisting problem. Instead of indulging in caffeine, eat nuts, Greek yoghurt and dried fruits every 3 to 4 hours. The protein intake will fuel your body and make you more active. Now is the best moment to start eating clean and to take care of the future you. Besides eating well, you will also feel great.
  • Age 30 – at this point, your metabolism starts to slow down due to muscle loss. Now you need to stop eating potato chips if you want to prevent obesity and other health problems. At this age, magnesium is a very important mineral. Make a habit for yourself to take at least 320 g of magnesium per day. You will keep yourself away from diabetes, heart diseases, ruined muscles and nerves, while maintaining a normal blood pressure.
  • Age 40 – let go of the famous aerobics you so much enjoy and start doing some strength training and resistance training. These two will prevent the muscle loss, while keeping the density of bones. The last thing you want is to have no flexibility whatsoever, so do your stretching before you exit the gym. The flexibility you are gaining right now will make a lot of difference along the way.
  • Age 50+ – here is when you are most vulnerable. Heart diseases and strokes are the two most common issues a person of this age can have. Fight against them by eating seafood as often as you can. Five servings or more will reduce the chances of stroke and heart diseases with 12%. Also, consume Vitamin B12, which is found in dairy products, fish, eggs and meat. This vitamin produces DNA. This way, you will keep your blood cells healthy and your nerves just right.

Overall, you must not consume products that are fattening, such as fast food and products high in fat. Also, reduce you sugar intake if you want to prevent diabetes. Eat as many vegetables and fruits as you can, and switch for whole products. They are a lot healthier.

Moreover, reduce the alcohol and caffeine intake if you want to prevent heart disease, osteoporosis and breast cancer.

So, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle from your 20s, be active and your age will be kind to you.

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