Embrace the Positive Effects of Quitting Sugar

Sarah Wilson, who is suffering from the Hashimoto disease, an auto-immune condition of the thyroid gland, decided in January 2010 to experiment a sugar-free diet that would go hand in hand with her treatment. Since sugar is one of the main causes for chronic diseases, cardio-vascular problems and even dementia, she decided to cut back on sugar and see how her body would react to such an abstinence.

benefits of quitting sugar

As a result, after proceeding with the decision, she shortly noticed a great number of changes, some related to her condition and others more generic. Here are the most noticeable and important facts that should be taken into consideration by anyone:

  • A better management of the auto-immune condition – After going to the doctor, Sarah discovered that she was no longer asked to take the maximum dose of her medication for thyroid. Now, she would take the minimum dosage and the level of her hormones were in normal limits, with no thyroid antibodies. If you’re asking how this has happened, you should know that white sugar is a food that forms acid, which causes a  low-grade inflammation into the body. This type of inflammation is the main source for conditions such as obesity, cancer and heart problems.
  • No food cravings – Usually, sugar asks for more sugar. After 5 weeks of dieting, Sarah noticed that her urge to eat sweets was significantly diminished and, during the 6th week, she was having a constant program of 3 meals per day.
  • Healthier skin – Within 2 weeks of this no-sugar diet, Sarah started to notice how her skin was no longer wrinkled or puffy. On the contrary, it was much smoother and softer. By reacting with the proteins, sugar influences the aging process by making the elastin and collagen structures more rigid.
  • Weight loss – By quitting sugar, Sarah managed to lose pounds she could have never lost before. In 6 months, she lost 30 pounds and the change was durable, without the yo-yo effect.
  • Controlling the pain – Sarah’s joint pain was caused by the inflammation process stimulated by constant sugar consumption. When she started to cut it off from her diet, she noticed that the pain was held under control.
  • Mental balance – The thing about sugar is that it also enters into the hormones structure, causing a mess most of the time. This mess often results in mood swings, depression, anxiety or insomnia. Sarah was battling with all these. After giving up on sugar, she noticed that she was much more stable and energized.

So, cutting this sweet poison off from your diet can only bring about good things for your health. However, if you feel that you cannot quit it just yet, you can use natural substitutes, such as stevia.

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