Discover the Cancer Symptoms That Usually Pass Unnoticed

Cancer, the dreadful disease that scares more and more categories of people every day, is considered one of the main death causes in the world (the second most common death cause in the US, for example). Thus, it is perfectly understandable why so many persons fear this medical condition and try to protect their organisms in any possible way. However, since there is no single cause of cancer, there is also no established method to prevent it.

unnoticed signs of cancer

Given the fact that there are so many types and variations of cancer, it would be impossible to find a specific treatment or prevention diet to help us fight this disease. What we can do instead is have a healthy lifestyle and get physically examined as often as possible. Evidence shows that when cancer is detected in the initial stage, the chance to treat it completely increases drastically.

Thus, it is important to know the most common cancer symptoms and to investigate them as soon as they appear.

Frequent Cancer Signs That Can’t Be Ignored

  • Pain in the abdomen and pelvic area – possible sign of ovarian cancer
  • Frequent stomach cramps – possible sign of colorectal cancer
  • Bloody stools – possible sign of colorectal cancer
  • Sudden abdominal weight gain – possible sign of ovarian cancer
  • Sudden weight loss with no obvious cause – possible sign of colorectal or any liver-related cancer
  • Impossibility to eat (constant full-stomach sensation) – possible sign of ovarian cancer
  • Chronic fatigue and weakness
  • Multiple or extended infections – possible sign of leukemia
  • Lumps on the neck, groin or underarm – such changes in the lymphatic system are frequently cancer symptoms
  • Abnormal skin lumps or spots (carcinoma, melanoma) – possible cause of skin cancer
  • Chronic cough and frequent inability to catch your breath – possible causes of lung cancer
  • Sudden swallowing problems – possible cause of throat, esophageal or lung cancer
  • Excessive bleeding and bruises that refuse to heal – indicators of various problems with the red blood cells
  • Abnormal periods (excessive bleeding, heavy pain, etc.) – possible signs of uterine or endometrial cancer
  • Changes in the aspect of your breasts and nipples (they become redder, swollen and the nipples change suddenly) – possible signs of breast cancer
  • Changes in your facial features (swelling) determined by lung tumors that stop the blood vessels from functioning normally to you upper organs – possible cause of lung cancer
  • Pain in the right side of the back (near the liver) – possible cause of liver cancer.

If you already experience one or more of these symptoms, stay calm; it doesn’t mean that you are necessarily sick (this is why the term possible is always used). You need to pay attention and see how it manifests and if it comes accompanied by other sensations or if it is triggered by a certain stimuli. Only if you observe that it does not disappear after a time or if it gets worse with no evident cause, you need to go to your physician and ask for their opinion. They will decide if it is necessary to be professionally examined or not. In any case, keep your strength and positivity up, because these are the most important tools that you have in these cases.

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