Treat Skin Cancer with Coconut Oil and Citrus Oil

The main cause for skin cancer is the increase of abnormal cells that spread all over the body skin. When detected in an early stage, the cancer can be treated. Moreover, there are numerous natural remedies and treatments that can help you cure a skin cancer that has just been discovered. The skin cancer that can be easily cured with natural therapies is Basal Cell Carcinomas.

Treat Skin Cancer with Coconut Oil and Citrus Oil

Coconut Oil

This type of oil is rich in saturated fats that have certain cancer-fighting qualities. The palmitic acid in this oil can kill the damaged cells, without affecting the healthy ones. Use a melatonin tablet and coconut oil to make a paste. After that, rub it gently on the affected areas. To make it even more powerful, you can add pomegranate extract, quercitin tablets, green tea extract or vitamin D tablets. These ingredients have anti-cancer properties and can help you get rid of the skin cancer.

Citrus Oil

Another type of oil that is extremely useful for eliminating skin cancer is the citrus oil. It is rich in D-limolene and can be a great cancer treatment. It can protect you against skin cancer. Use it topically on the lesions.

Lavender and Chamomile

These essential oils are effective for protecting the skin from the UV sun rays. Mix a couple of drops of chamomile essential oil and lavender oil with water and use this solution as a soothing bath. Soak in the water for at least 30 minutes and do this regularly to notice any improvement.

Iodine Solution

Iodine is a magnificent remedy for skin cancer. Use 7% iodine solution and apply it topically on the affected zones. Do this two times per day for almost 5 days. After that, apply it only once a day for 10 days. Don’t worry if the skin turns dark, because it means that the iodine solution is acting efficiently. This remedy will destroy the skin lesions.

Red Clover

You can also use red clover extract to get rid of the skin cancer. Extract the liquid from the plant and use it as a compress on the affected parts of your body. Red clover is extremely useful in preventing the development of other skin tumors. You can find red clover capsules or liquid at the healthy food stores. You can also prepare a red clover tea and add it to your bath water. Take a 20-minute bath.

Eggplant Extract

Eggplants contain BEC5 and solasodine glycoside, two compounds that can cure skin cancer. The studies have demonstrated that eggplant extract can treat keratoses, squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas.

Flax Seeds

These seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids that are powerful when it comes to preventing skin damage. The omega-3s are similar to antioxidants and can fight against the free radicals caused by the exposure to the UV radiations. You can chew the flax seeds or add them to different recipes including yogurts and cereals. At the same time, don’t forget to increase your consumption of olive oil and fish oil, because they also contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.

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