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Carrot Compound Decreases the Chances of Getting Cancer

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Just as red beets, carrots are some of the veggies that have proven to prevent and even treat cancerous conditions when put into good use. Although doctors encourage the consumption of carrots, only recently it was determined that these vegetables have anti-cancer […]

Consume These 3 Ingredients Daily and You Will Prevent Cancer

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Following the scientific studies, some researchers have concluded that those who consume a mixture of these 3 spices per day must not worry about cancer anymore. The benefits of this remedy are confirmed by the researches conducted by the western […]

Turmeric Juice to Combat Cancer and Keep the Heart Healthy

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Turmeric is an extremely used spice in India. It is used mainly in cooking, but it’s also praised for its numerous health benefits. It is said that turmeric contains almost 300 antioxidants, meaning that it’s one of the most powerful […]

Treat Skin Cancer with Coconut Oil and Citrus Oil

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The main cause for skin cancer is the increase of abnormal cells that spread all over the body skin. When detected in an early stage, the cancer can be treated. Moreover, there are numerous natural remedies and treatments that can […]

Aloe Vera Stops Cancer – Recipe and Treatment

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Aloe vera plant has offered us miraculous remedies that can be used for a wide array of diseases. These remedies have been used for thousands of years. Recently, the studies have demonstrated that the aloe vera leaves are also efficient […]

Best Cancer-Healing Mushrooms

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Using mushrooms to treat cancer is not quite a conventional treatment. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of this disease is radiation and chemotherapy. However, since the alternative medicine has evolved, brand new cancer treatments […]

Lemongrass – Fights Cancer and Depression

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The fever grass or the lemongrass as it’s known in the popular culture is a plant that has long, thin leaves and it originates from Asia. It smells like lemon, hence the name, but the taste is sweeter and milder. […]

Fight Cancer with Radishes

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Radishes contain large amounts of anthocyanins, folic acid and vitamins and they come with numerous health benefits. One of the best properties attributed to this vegetable is the cancer-fighting capacity. Radishes are also beneficial in treating various skin disorders and […]

Prevent Cancer and Treat Diseases with Ginger Juice

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It is well-known that ginger is a powerful herb with numerous benefits for the health. The Asians have been using ginger for thousands of years and, in the past few years, it has also penetrated the occidental world. Ginger is […]