Don’t throw away the ONION SKEENS! They cut blood pressure

Those who suffer from heart diseases or hypertension are often told to consume more garlic and onion. The truth is that these 2 vegetables are extremely useful in reducing the cholesterol level and the blood pressure. Lately, it has been proven that the onion peels are also extremely effective and they should not be thrown away. Numerous studies have demonstrated that these items can reduce the blood pressure and the following recipe will prove just that.

Onion Skin

Onion Skin

Soaked Onion Peels

This home remedy is extremely simple to use and to prepare and can be done in no time.


– the peels of 1 onion

– 1 glass of cold water

Put the onion peels in the water and let them soak overnight. In the morning, you can strain the liquid and drink it on the empty stomach. Repeat the remedy daily so as to reduce your blood pressure.

The antioxidant power of onion skin

The researchers discovered that it’s not only the onion the one that can help you reduce your blood pressure. In fact, they have found out that the onion peels contain quercetin, a compound that besides decreasing the high blood pressure can also prevent the clogging of the arteries. The quercetin, which is actually an antioxidant, also has anti-inflammatory properties.

The onion peels are not edible when consumed alone, but they can be added when you cook soups, stews or other dishes as they will offer a more powerful taste. However, you should remove the peels before serving the meals. These items are also extremely useful when soaking them in water or when preparing tea.

The experts warn us that throwing away the onion peels is wrong because they contain more nutrients and antioxidants than the onions. Other useful and healthy peels that must not be thrown are the orange, lemon, zucchini or watermelon peels. The secret is that numerous of these vegetables and fruits have the crust or the peel much more colorful than the pulp. This fact shows that these items contain a lot more healthy and nutrient phytochemicals such as flavonoids and carotenoids. The last ones are extremely powerful antioxidants that can reduce the risk of developing cancer. They fight against the harmful free radicals and kill them or stop their development.

So, it seems that the secret is to consume more colorful vegetables and fruits, as they are extremely healthy and they contain a large variety of useful antioxidants. In what regards the onion peels, just make sure not to throw them away the next time. Use them to prepare a tea or simply soak them in water and drink the liquid so as to benefit from its powerful properties and reduce your blood pressure.

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