Raw Onions – Beneficial for Your Health and Beauty

While you may steer clear of eating raw onions because peeling off their covers will make you cry or because of the offensive, disturbing breath it causes, this particular vegetable presents a wide range of amazing health benefits. Whether you choose to include it in your salads or the preparation of your favorite dishes, onions are a great way to spice your dishes while being utterly beneficial for your health. Now, let’s see what makes onions such great vegetables.

raw onions benefits

  • It boosts your immune system

As a result of their richness in polyphenols, onions are utterly helpful in naturally boosting your immunity, and aiding your body in fighting free radicals effectively. Additionally, onions are filled with selenium, which also functions at hindering excessive immune response. Onion intake also contributes to decreasing the risks of suffering from allergic reactions, as it controls your body’s production of histamine. This spicy vegetable is also an ideal source of antimicrobial properties that aid to deter infections from developing.

Onions are loaded with quercetin, which, according to a study published in Nutrition Research and Practice, contribute to reducing inflammation and improving immunity and nutrition.

  • It prevents cancer

Onions are believed to be effective both in preventing and fighting cancer. Onions’ anti-cancer properties are determined by their richness in phenolic and flavonoid content, which function at eliminating cancerous cells. Scientific studies show that onion and garlic intake contributes to the diminishing of several risks associated with cancer.

  • It stimulates hair growth

Hair loss is unappealing to everyone; that’s a given. Luckily, onion can help you mend that. Onions contain sulfur, which contributes to improving your scalps’ blood circulation and growing your collagen production that leads to stimulating hair growth. A study developed in the Journal of Dermatology pinpoints that a particular natural remedy based on onion significantly contributed to the regrowth of the hair.

This recipe necessitates the juice from one onion. You combine it with one tsp of organic honey, and 2 – 3 drops of lavender essential oil. Apply this mixture on your scalp and let it stay for appreciatively one hour. Rinse and then wash your hair normally. You should repeat this treatment about 2 – 3 times a week until you notice significant improvements.

  • It grows bone density

Onions contribute to growing bone density, as they prevent bone loss. Onion consumption is recommendable for women who present a higher risk of suffering from osteoporosis. Due to onions’ richness in sulfur and GPCS – a particular peptide – onions are amazingly beneficial in supporting the connective tissues. A scientific study indicates that daily intake of onions in women who were going through menopause significantly decreased the risk of bone fracture and other bone system problems.

  • It controls blood sugar

Onions are recommendable especially for people suffering from diabetes. Due to the sulfur compound, onions contribute to aiding the growth of insulin production, while at the same time being helpful in decreasing blood glucose levels. Additionally, given the fact that they contain chromium, onions intake is effective in enhancing the body’s glucose tolerance.

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