How to Address Nail Problems – Learn the Causes

nailsBefore you look for treatments that can address nail problems, you need to know the causes that lead to these problems. They are usually the following:

* Fungal infection that leads to discolored and soft nails. Psoriasis leads to eroded or detached nails from their bed.

* When various minerals and nutrients miss from the body, they can as well result in nail problems. Lacking iron leads to easy to break and crack nails. Zinc deficiency leads to fragile nails or appearance to white spots under the nail texture.

It is therefore important to consider opting for healthier dietary plans that include these nutrients and also build a stronger immune system to ward off against fungal infections. So, make sure to eat ore garlic and onion (to increase your immunity) and foods rich in flavonoids and omega-3 fatty acids. Also increase the calcium intake and vitamin A to reduce the proneness to cracking and braking easily, a very commonly met nail problem.

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