Use These Natural Remedies to Control Psoriasis Symptoms


Suffering from psoriasis you must have learned by now that it is no cure for it, instead you must have been prescribed with medication to keep its flaky and red patched aspect away from manifesting on your skin.

Looking for natural remedies that can help control the symptoms? Read these:

* Use apple cider vinegar diluted in water and dipping a cotton ball in it apply into soaking the patches of your skin.

* The aspect of this condition is associated as well with having a dry skin that needs moisturized. Use warm olive oil that is applied on the flaky skin, especially when you have flakes on the scalp. Apply this remedy prior to shampooing your hair.

* Keep the affected areas wrapped for some time after you have applied the recommended lotion. Don’t keep covered for too long because it can lead to further inflammation.

* Spread Epsom salts into the bath and let your body soak in there for about an hour. Also use tar-containing products to control psoriasis symptoms.

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