Natural Menopause Supplements – Hot Flashes Remedies For Real Women

If you are suffering from hot flashes , you know how awful it is to feel boiling hot and sweaty for a few times a day. You are not alone. Around 75 percent of Caucasian women get hot flashes in their perimenopausal years leading up to the actual menopause.

Natural Menopause Supplements – Hot Flashes Remedies For Real Women

Natural Menopause Supplements – Hot Flashes Remedies For Real Women

What Do Hot Flashes Feel Like?

When women have hot flashes, their skin temperature can go up by as much as 6 degrees.

The symptom of hot flashes is a common health complaint by menopausal women. Hot flashes can be categorized into mild, moderate and severe. Individual women experience different duration and intensity.

In general, they are described with the following symptoms: sweating and intense heat, heart palpitations, dizziness and nausea. The duration varies in individual cases, but usually lasts from around 20 seconds to less than 5 minutes.

Some women report intense heat on their body, but with ice-cold feet, whereas some have their hot flashes with a red face and ears.

Who Turned On The Heat? Reasons Behind Hot Flashes

You might be eager to know what triggers this annoying symptom. The answer is simple, hormones.

In menopause, the production of estrogen decreases to a low level. When estrogen drops, signals will be sent to brains indicating something is wrong. The body reacts by releasing a power boost of adrenaline, resulting in increased blood pressure and heart beat. Blood vessels begin to dilate to release sweats through sweat glands.

Hot flashes are not dangerous, but it can take most women by surprise; because all of a sudden, their skin temperature can go up by as much as 6 degrees.

If you are suffering from night sweats as well, don’t worry too much. They are simply hot flashes’ cousin, but only happen at night.

However, if night sweats is the only health problem you are experiencing, without other menopausal symptoms, there could be other causes, such as thyroid problems or other kinds of illness. You should seek advice from your doctor if this is the only symptom you are having.

Relieving Your Hot Flashes With Plants

Herbs such as Dong quai and Red clover can reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.

Menopause is a natural process. Many women choose to go natural in relieving their symptoms, either because they feel their symptoms are not life-threatening or that they don’t want the harsh side effects of HRT, including increased risks of breast cancer, heart attack, deep-vein clots etc.

A lot of women seek help in natural menopause supplements.

Hot flashes are mainly caused by hormones imbalance. There are herbs that can combat the root cause as well as alleviate the symptoms, such as Red clover and Dong quai.

If you considering menopause supplements, it is important to bear in mind the following factors:

  • ¦Ingredients should be pure. If supplements use ingredients with contaminants, additives and preservatives, they can even do harm to your body, instead of benefiting your health.
  • ¦Effectiveness of ingredients should be supported with relevant clinical studies. The North American Menopause Society suggests that: ’when purchasing supplements for menopause, it is preferable to choose specific brands that have been tested in clinical trials’.
  • ¦The natural supplements you take should focus on a long-term restoration of your body’s normal function, instead of a quicker and temporary boost.

Relieve your hot flashes with quality menopause supplements.

After researching on a great of number of menopause supplements on the market, we are pleased to find one that can claim all of the three points above, and more. This fascinating product is named Female Rejuvenator from a New Zealand based company – Xtend Life. Female Rejuvenator provides a targeted solution to the problem of hormonal imbalance.

Women around the word have found relief in this all-natural and effective menopause supplement. This is because Female Rejuvenator uses ingredients that are clinically PROVEN to work.

After taking all natural menopause supplements, most women report a reduction of hot flashes. They are also happy to see the frequency of mood swings reduced, and other symptoms relieved.

If hot flashes are troubling you, imagine the possibilities of breaking free from them.

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