Menopause Supplements – Memory Lapses Can Be Restored In The Natural Way

Menopause Supplements – Memory Lapses Can Be Restored In The Natural Way

Menopause Supplements for Memory Lapses 

Memory lapses during menopause

Where are my keys again? Oh, god, what is this lady’s name? What is the thing that I came to this room for? If you are experiencing memory lapses, I bet some of the scenarios sound familiar to you.

When we get older, we become forgetful. There are two things women normally do when their memory starts to get poor in their 40s or 50s: one is accept it and do nothing, and two is fear of early Alzheimer’s and rush to the doctor for medications. Which one should you do?

For some menopausal women, memory lapses are becoming a regular occurrence. This is troubling many women. And they are desperate for help.

What are the causes?

Let’s first of all get to the root cause of this problem, so that you know what treatments are most effective for you. The largest study on the link between menopause and memory difficulties proves that, the likely cause for the forgetfulness is the level of female hormones, which plummets during menopause.

Fluctuations of female hormones such as estrogen can affect mental functions and result in memory lapses. The study shows that 60 percent of women report memory problems during the period of menopause. You may also be relieved that this study, led by Dr Greendale of the University of California, also finds that in most cases, the brain’s memory ability can recover after the menopause.

If you are wondering whether your memory problem is caused menopause, check the list below and see if you experience other menopause symptoms:

  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Breast tenderness
  • Headache
  • Bloating
  • Dry skin
  • Loss of libido
  • Cramps

Apart from being unable to remember information, some menopausal women have also complained of trouble with concentration and fuzzy thinking.

Menopause Supplements – Nature’s Helping Hand

Effective menopause supplements can help reduce or even eliminate your hormone-related symptoms. Fortunately, this fundamental hormone imbalance is treatable. Women with menopausal symptoms are usually prescribed HRT. However, traditional hormone replacement therapy is linked to breast cancer, ovarian cancer, increased risks of heart disease and blood clots.

To avoid the harsh side effects of hormone therapy, more women are seeking relief in all-natural menopause supplements. Memory problems are one of the symptoms they are desperate to alleviate. Natural supplements for menopause are effective and safe in treating memory problems in menopausal women. Most women find them the easiest alternative treatments to follow. With the help of quality natural menopause supplements, memory lapses may be restored.

However, as most women experience other menopausal symptoms apart from memory lapses, they need a comprehensive supplement of effective herbs to alleviate these symptoms and improve their wellbeing as a whole. There are thousands of herbal supplements on the market to choose from, and their quality varies from each other. There are a few points to take into consideration when you are buying a natural menopause supplement:

  • You should pick one with helpful herbs that work together. There are supplements with a whole bunch of herbs mixed, but do not work because the fact is, many ingredients can affect each other’s effectiveness or cause side effects if not mixed in a synergic way.
  • Raw ingredients in menopause supplements should be pure, free from contaminants, additives and preservatives. Otherwise, they can do harm to your body.
  • Manufacturers should abide by strict regulations for supplement manufacturing standards.

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