Diet for Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy

Diagnosed and known hypothyroidism should be treated effectively (with normalization of TSH and freeT4) before becoming pregnant. During pregnancy, thyroid function should be monitored by an endocrinologist through repeated hormonal analysis. This is the only way to plan a normal, healthy pregnancy, without the risk of affecting the child’s intellectual or physical development.

Diet for Hypothyroidism in PregnancyEndocrinology consultation and appropriate prophylactic treatment can prevent pathological situations and other consequences with a strong psychological impact on the mother, such as excess weight gain during and especially after pregnancy.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism in pregnancy

Diagnosis of hypothyroidism in pregnancy is established on the basis of clinical, biochemical and ultrasound exam. Clinical manifestations vary according to the severity of hypothyroidism:

• Morning fatigue, eyelid edema (swelling of the eye), dry skin, and in severe forms mucoid infiltration of the skin and mucous
• Constipation, hair loss, hoarseness, muscle cramps, impaired memory, decreased intellectual performance
• Weight gain, decreased heart rate, apparition of goiter
• Biochemical symptoms: increased TSH with low T4 and T3, anemia, hyperlipidemia

Diet for Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy

• Your diet should consist of more of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, pregnant women affected by hypothyroidism are advised to drink apple juice, grapes juice and watermelon juice first, every 3-4 hours in a day. After 5 days of drinking the juice, you can switch on milk. Then you can move to balanced meals rich in fruits and vegetables

• Avoid carbohydrates, except those found in potatoes and grains. Avoid are cakes, cookies and other sweets rich in calories.

• Walnuts are rich in iodine and magnesium, so they will help balance thyroid function.
Kelp is a type of seaweed rich in iodine and it is often recommended for its beneficial effects on the proper functioning of the thyroid. Kelp can be used as a garnish for flavor soups and salads.

• Regular consumption of coconut oil and milk is another remedy to rectify thyroid gland functions. Add two teaspoons of oil in a cup of milk.

• People who have thyroid problems are advised to eat salads of cucumbers, carrots and Brussels salad. Cucumber is great for people who have goiter – caused by hypothyroidism.

• Ginger Herbal teas are excellent for the proper functioning of the thyroid. Alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and coffee should be avoided.

• Eat foods based on barley and oats to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland. Water consumption, cane and lotus stalk are also recommended.

• Pregnant women suffering from hypothyroidism should consume foods that block thyroid’s gland overactivity. These foods are: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale cabbage.

• Recent research has shown that marine plants play an important role in balancing the endocrine gland functions. It turned out that phytoplankton plays a crucial role in this respect.

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