Hypothyroidism Diet

Diet for Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy

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Diagnosed and known hypothyroidism should be treated effectively (with normalization of TSH and freeT4) before becoming pregnant. During pregnancy, thyroid function should be monitored by an endocrinologist through repeated hormonal analysis. This is the only way to plan a normal, […]

Hypothyroidism Symptoms, Diet and Natural Treatment

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Unlike hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism refers to a thyroid insufficiency, marked by a slowing of vital functions. When appearing in children, hypothyroidism can produce growth disorders. In this case, the child will stop growing in height, but will remain dwarf. Moreover, a […]

Hypothyroidism Diet: What Not To Eat

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Thyroid activity is essential for human metabolism, so any disruption at this level can lead to serious health complications. Usually the percentage of those affected by such problems is located below 2 percent of the world population, but recent evidence […]