Onion Juice For Hair Growth And Reversing Grey Recipe

Onion juice is a powerful unexpected home remedy for hair loss, brittle hair, dandruff and early gray hair. Applied on the scalp a few times a week, onion juice exert a hair growth stimulating miraculous effect and reverses the hair graying process. This is one of ancients world’s natural cures used for thousands of years to treat hair issues, especially alopecia.

Onion + Honey = One Magical Cure for Hair Loss
Onion Juice For Hair Growth And Reversing Grey Recipe

Onion Juice For Hair Growth And Reversing Grey Recipe

Mixing onion juice and honey is a clever way to make a perfect natural hair tonic that will boost hair regrowth.


• 1 small onion
• 1-2 tablespoons of honey


Cut the onion in small pieces and squeeze the juice using an electric juicer. Mix the juice with the raw honey and apply the mixture on your scalp, all over your hair or just on the affected areas. Massage gently and leave the mask overnight to penetrate the skin and hair. Wash yout hair in the morning with your regular shampoo, more than twice if necesarry, to remove the smell of the onions. Rinse and let your hair dry naturally. If you don’t have time and you want a quick hair treatment, leave the mask on for about 1-3 hours. Do this once a week. After 2 applications you will start seeing miraculous effects.

Fast visible effects

A study published in American Journal of Dermatology revealed that 4 weeks after using onion juice, 74% of people with alopecia have experienced an encouraging deep level hair regeneration. After only 6 weeks of treatment, 84% of participants reported a significant enrichment of their hair.

How does it work

Onions are rich in sulfur, an important element that stimulates hair follicles regeneration process, and it’s also beneficial for reducing inflammation. Onion juice is an amazing source of nourishment for hair and it has been used for thousands of years as a natural method to stimulate sclap blood circulation. Onion juice has the power to kill germs and parasites, and it turns out to be quite useful in treating fungal infections. Summarizing, all these benefits help preventing hair loss and boost hair growth.

Research at UK Bradford University shows that thinning and graying are caused by a hydrogen peroxide accumulation. When hydrogen peroxide accumulates in the hair follicles oxidative stress occurs, which leads to hair damage and hair discoloration.

A catalase deficit – a very important health antioxidant is another cause of hair fall and hair bleaching. Clinical studies have shown that onion juice has a similar reaction to catalase when applied on the scalp. Onion juice increases catalaise on the skin surface, reducing hydrogen peroxide accumulation.

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  1. so you smell like an onion..thats a smell hard to get out…its very strong.

  2. what is the best remedy to cure chronic paralysis & also re generate neurons..Plz let me know as my mother lost her speech & suffered right side paralysis since June 2012

    • – Gargle with mallow (malva) infusion for vocal cord paralysis.

      – Thyme tea, 1 cup a day and sage tea, 2-3 cups a day, for or paralysis

      (remedies by Maria Treben).

      For neural regeneration, try ginkgo biloba, ginseng, turmeric, blueberries (ask a doctor how to take these supplementes).

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