The Healing Power of Singing

You have probably noticed the good mood that a singer always has and you have wondered what is it with him/her, why is he/she feeling so amazing. The answer is very simple: they SING. Today, you’re going to find out what are the benefits of singing and how it can change your mood instantly.

healing powers of singing

Singing and its health benefits

After many studies, researchers found out that the power of singing is not only in the notes, it’s also in the way you do it. It does not only make you happy, but it also triggers amazing health benefits.

  • Singing helps you clean your sinuses in a natural way. Also, it becomes a great workout for your lungs. The intercostals and abdominal muscles are activated, which stimulates your circulation. You will start to breathe deeper and the oxygen that you will inhale will be increased.
  • Your mood becomes better in no time while singing. It makes you feel more relaxed and calm, because it stimulates the same hormones as sex or eating chocolate does. These endorphins will give you more energy and a great mood that will help you be more positive throughout the day.
  • If you sing with a group or in the front of other people, it will have a great power on you and your mind. You will feel more confident about yourself, it will reduce anxiety and it will help you connect with other people and make new relationships. You will share your mood with others and you will exchange positive vibes from one another.
  • Also, it can function as therapy. It helps you get rid of stress, and it can even eliminate depression and sadness. You will get rid of the negative feelings and it will make you feel free and less worried about your problems. A study has showed that the level of cortisol is lower in those people who sing regularly; thus, stress is not bothering them anymore. It is a process similar to meditation, which helps you stay in harmony with yourself. The quality of life is changed and it improves the well-being of people. The feeling of happiness can be permanent if you sing every day. Make this a habit and your mind will free your body and soul.

Next time you think singing at karaoke is a bad idea or you feel ashamed by it, think again. The act of singing gives you the power to eliminate the bad thoughts, the stress caused by a certain problem or the anxiety that you feel when you are in front of an audience. Sing your heart out and have fun, and you will see the positive difference in no time.

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