How Your Body Can Benefit from Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage is a technique used since ancient times by various cultures, thought to encourage health by relieving pain and stress. It is also believed that rubbing your belly can improve the digestive system.

This technique does not take a lot of time or effort and the benefit intake makes the 5 minutes spend on this procedure worth it. A specialized doctor in both Eastern and Western medicine, Stephen Chang, has come up with a method of incorporating this procedure into your daily routine; it only takes 5 minutes or less.

abdominal massage benefits

How to perform the abdominal massage:

  • Stay on your back on a stable bed or on a mattress on the floor
  • Lift your shirt up to see your belly
  • Warm up your hands by rubbing them together
  • Begin massaging from the navel, slowly and in circles. Make sure you press firmly, but not until you have reached the painful point.
  • Concentrate of the warm feeling on your belly and keep rubbing until you reached 50 circles.
  • Take your hands of your belly and stand up.
  • You performed the first abdominal massage.

This massage lasts for about 2 minutes and you can do it twice a day, after you wake up and before going to bed. Dr. Chang said that people have noticed a difference after 1 week of practice.


Besides its beneficial effect on the tummy area, abdominal massage can also cure constipation, bloating and is a factor of lifelong health.

  1. Bloating – usually we feel bloated when our body is obstructed in some way. Abdominal massage helps us regulate our metabolism and get rid of waste products in our organism.
  2. Weight loss – decent digestive and metabolism functions can be promoted by performing abdominal massage. These 2 systems function slowly in people who struggle with weight loss, despite changing their eating habits.
  3. Decreased menstrual symptoms – using essential oils (cinnamon, lavender, clove, rose etc.) while performing abdominal massage can help reduce menstrual pain and heavy bleeding if performed a week before menstruation is expected. You can try it at first, see if this method suits you and then take it from there.
  4. Increases gastrointestinal wellness – this method helps anyone battling constipation and bloating, but performed on a regular basis it can maintain the gastrointestinal health by improving the blood flow in this area and energizing the intestines.

This massage can also have psychological benefits, by relaxing and relieving stress, but it can also help tone the abdominal muscles.

You should avoid abdominal massage in the following situations:

  • You are pregnant
  • You have a hernia of any type
  • You have calcium stores in the bladder
  • You have kidney stones
  • You have gallstones
  • You have an inflammation in the reproductive organs
  • You have internal bleeding
  • You have a duodenal or stomach ulcer

Abdominal massage has many benefits and it is easy and practical to incorporate in your daily routine even if you are the busiest person in the world. It will improve your whole health and make you feel better in only a week.

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