How To Get Rid of Back Pain By Massaging Your Feet

Did you know you can locate spine’s point on your foot’s edge? This is the area where all back problems are projected, and are located in a form of pain-points. By massaging your feet you will be able to get rid of back pain, tension and stiffness.

It does not matter if you are massaging your own feet or someone else is doing it for you, the results are equally efficient.

There are a few pressure points in your body which will help in reducing back pain. All muscles and bones are linked with each other in some way or another. Hence treating a back pain is much easier by accessing these pressure points.


Direct your attention first to your cervical spine. The spine reflex points follow the line of the inside edge of your foot; these reflex points are not on the sole of your foot.

  • Support your right foot with your left hand and use your right thumb to work all of the spine reflexes that are located along the inside edge of your foot, from the tip of your big toe, all the way to your ankle.
  • Starting at your toe, press your thumb firmly into the skin and inch or creep along the length of your foot so you are sure to press every reflex spot.

Additionally you can alleviate back and spinal pain by compressing the following acupressure points:

Sleeping Acupressure Foot Points for Back Pain:

Sit straight and hold your feet. Take the right foot into your hands. Find the bone that joins the big toe and the second toe. Place your thumb in this area and put pressure on it. Press for one minute, keep inhaling and exhaling. Decrease the pressure and rub the area. Repeat the same on the other foot.


Sitting Acupressure Foot Points for Back Pain:

Start by washing and drying your feet. Sit down on the bed or a chair. Cross your legs and hold the right foot in the left hand. Roll your hand back and forth on your right foot to relax the muscles. Now rub your thumb in the middle of your foot from the heel to toe. Thumb walk this area a few times to relax the muscles.


You can use both the thumbs to add enough pressure. The strip running from the toe to the heel represents your spine, stroking this area gently will ease the stress in the spine. Massage the area that feels sore with circular movements. Repeat the same with the other foot and relax by lying down. You will feel the flow of energy in your back.


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