Drink This Natural Remedy To Cleanse Your Arteries

This recipe will help clean out your arteries and also prevent the occurrence if any calcification in your body system. The recipe comprises of ingredients that play a vital role in improving your overall health as well. Here are the ingredients you will need to make this simple German recipe for cleaning your arteries.


  • Organic lemons – 4
  • Garlic cloves (large) – 4 (avoid Chinese garlic)
  • Ginger root – 1 small piece
  • Clean drinking water – 2 liters

Note: the garlic smell will be neutralised by the heat treatment of the mixture of the water and lemon juice.


  • First of all wash the lemons.
  • Cut the lemons into small slices.
  • Put the ginger root, lemon slices and peeled garlic cloves in a blender and blend.
  • Achieve a homogeneous mixture.
  • You should then pour out the mixture into a deep setting bowl.
  • Place a pot of water on a stove to boil.
  • Put the mixture in the pot of boiled water after you have taken the pot from the stove.
  • Allow the mixture to cool at room temperature.
  • Strain the mixture and store it in glass bottles and then refrigerate.


  • On a daily basis drink half a glass of this recipe.
  • Drink two hours before eating and always on an empty stomach.
  • Drink this recipe for a period of 3 weeks, then give yourself a break for a week and afterwards you restart the procedure for another three weeks if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Deposits would be gathered at the bottom of the bottle containing the recipe, so you need to shake the bottle very well prior to consumption.

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