Menopause, Exercise and Weight Gain

Using Exercise to combat Menopause and Weight Gain can be a helpful friend when trying to get your body to do what you tell it! Even though Diet Plans can be effective without exercise you may be missing a key ingredient.

There is a constant debate about what % of maintaining a healthy wait can be attributed to what you eat vs. the exercise you do. The way I look at it is all weight gain is, is the fact you are consuming more energy than you release. Exercise is on the output side and eating is on the input side.

Menopause, Exercise and Weight Gain

From my experience with fluctuating weight is I would say 75% comes down to what you eat and 25% to exercise. So exercise is a huge factor in keeping a trim and toned body. I see it more for helping your body work out what shape it would like to keep. But also remember Exercise helps to release endorphins which can improve your mood so while going through menopause this can be a hidden bonus.

Leslie once told me also that by doing exercise along with getting the right amount of calcium you can help keep your bone mass up as well. Which really fights against the likes of Osteoporosis and other nasties.

So what Exercise would I Recommend?

The above are my top 6 as I believe in there is not enough recognition given to stretching and if you have ever done a Yoga or Pilates workout you know stretching is not as easy as it sounds.

I have always been a fan of dancing for at least 1 – 2 hours a week. I have been learning Ceroc recently which is a mixture of Jive and Salsa and this really helps fight against Weight Gain. A tip is to sometimes wear double lined clothes in case a hot flush comes on. I usually wear black as it is less likely to show.

So Ladies get to exercising and show Menopause and Weight Gain where to go!


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