Whey Protein – How It Can Benefit Your Health

There’s no secret that whey has a wide range of beneficial properties, being a great supplement for your health in so many ways. Its use dates for centuries, being highly acknowledged for its effectiveness. Just keep on reading in order to discover its beneficial properties and to find out how to prepare it yourself.

how to make whey protein

Whey – for a Long and Healthy Life

As I already mentioned, the use of whey dates for centuries. There’s a particular unusual case of a certain Englishman – Old Tom, who is said to have lived for 152 years. Its longevity was linked to his diet consisting of cheese, bread, milk and whey.

Additionally, Scandinavians are believed to have taken advantage of whey’s widely beneficial properties, which are considered to have improved their health and complexion.

Apart from these, Hippocrates, the initiator of modern medicine, is assumed to have recommended whey for treating his patients back then.

The Benefits of Whey Protein for Your Health

The effectiveness of whey protein consumption has been proven as a result of many scientific researches. Among its many health benefits, get acquainted with the following:

  • Whey protein aims at improving the proper functioning of your digestive system; it could also be effective in treating the irritable bowel syndrome;
  • Whey protein significantly boosts your metabolism, being a great choice for people trying to lose weight;
  • Whey protein intake will prevent you from feeling hungry all the time, granting you a feel of satiety;
  • Whey protein may be beneficial in naturally preventing cardiovascular diseases and cancerous tumors from occurring;
  • Whey protein aims at enhancing your immune system, strengthening it;
  • Whey protein naturally controls your cholesterol level, deterring it from going off the charts;

All in all, including whey in your diet is a good idea as it is an excellent fiber source which your body utterly needs in supporting your muscles, tissues, cells, hormones.

How to Prepare Your Whey

Making you own whey is as simple as it can get. You just have to keep an eye out for that silky milky layer on the top of your yoghurt and there you have it! While you can also consider purchasing protein shakes from a specialized store, preparing your own whey is also a good idea that will provide you with health benefits.

For doing this, you will need cheesecloth, a strainer and organic fermented milk products – yoghurt or kefir. Always opt for organic products in order to truly benefit from whey’s properties.

Place a large strainer over a bowl of your choice. Next, stream the yogurt and cover the whole surface. This needs to stay for a couple of hours, until you obtain a thick yogurt consistency. The whey will strain in the bowl and there you go! That’s it.

Bear in mind that, as other milk products, you ought to consume it in a couple of days, before it gets sour.

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