Do You Want Strong Bones? Here Are The Nutrients That You Need!

If you want to have strong bones, you need to pay very close attention to your diet. Your bone density can be greatly influenced by the things you put in your mouth, and will determine whether or not you will be at a risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis. Everyone is already aware of calcium’s role in protecting the bone, but did you also know that calcium supplements and calcium-rich foods aren’t enough to give them strength?

nutrients for bones

There are many nutrients other than calcium which can offer you superior bone protection. This is exactly why you’ll need to have a well-balanced diet to prevent the risk of osteoporosis. These nutrients will ensure that you will get everything you need to be in line for the next Wolverine.

The sources that are richest in high-quality protein are products made from soy. So besides adding soybeans in your diet, you may also want to consider tofu, soy cheese, soy milk, tempeh and any other soy-based foods you can find. Many studies also show that soy can help by slowing down the bone mass loss that occurs when you start getting older.

  • Vitamin C

Contrary to popular belief, Vitamin C is not essential just for the strengthening of the immune system. It has a powerful antioxidant which can give strength to your body, as well as your collagen production. And collagen is something that your bones will need if you want to maintain their sturdy structure.

  • Vitamin D

Have you ever noticed how vitamin D is always prescribed together with calcium? That’s because it helps the calcium to be absorbed into the bones. As we all know, the sun is the best source of vitamin D. However, since it may not be a good idea to stay in the sun between 10am and 4pm, you may want to consider other vitamin D sources such as milk, egg yolk, yogurt and fatty fish.

  • Vitamin K

Vitamin K helps your bone structure by keeping the calcium in the bones, not the blood. Leafy vegetables such as kale, lettuce and spinach are a great source of vitamin K, and you can also get fair amounts of it from ingredients such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, parsley, watercress, okra, and asparagus.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is great when it comes to preventing osteoporosis. It promotes calcium absorption and also neutralizes the negative effects that the metabolic acids have on the bone. Some natural sources of magnesium are beans, sweet potatoes, brown rice and sesame seeds.

You should keep in mind that your diet is not the only thing that influences your bone structure. Things such as genetics or heredity are a strong factor since some ethnic groups may have stronger bones than others. There is also the factor of gender since women are said to have a weaker bone mass than men. However, if you want to have strong bones, you may want to add some physical exercise to your routine.

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