Walnut Tree Leaves Regulate The Glycemic Levels

Walnut tree leaves (Juglans regia) are ideal for producing remedies efficient against many diseases, such as diabetes. They regulate the glycemic levels, aid the fluidization of blood circulation and normalize the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

They also possess hypoglycemic and diuretic properties, combating the affections of the digestive tube and improving the functions of the kidneys at the same time.

Walnut tree leaves powder

Walnut tree leaves should be crushed and ground using a grinding mill. The resulted powder should be sifted using a sieve.

Deposit the powder in jars that you can close hermetically and place them on a cold, dark shelve. As a recommendation, do not keep it for more than 2 weeks, because its volatile substances will evaporate rapidly, decreasing its therapeutic effects in the process.

Consume it on an empty stomach. Before swallowing it with a small amount of water, keep it under your tongue for about 5 minutes.

Treating diabetes with walnut tree leaves

Walnut tree leaves have extremely powerful hypoglycemic qualities, are diuretic and aid the metabolism and the immune system.

To help treat diabetes with this particular remedy, take 1 teaspoon of walnut tree powder, 4 times per day in treatments lasting 3 months, with a 1-month break between them.

Walnut tree leaves infusion for diabetes

  • Preparation

In 100 ml of nutritional alcohol or another house made distilled product, macerate 2 tablespoons of dried walnut tree leaves for about 10 days. Shake it 3 or 4 times per day.

Sift the mixture, and let it decant in the fridge for 6 days. After doing this, deposit it in a bottle. Make sure to use containers made out of plastic.

  • How to consume it

If you are suffering from diabetes, take 30 drops in 3 sessions (3 times per day, in short).

Walnut tree leaves tea for diabetes

In 250 ml of water, add 2 tablespoons of green beans. Place the mixture on the stove and boil it for 15 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons of nettle and 1 tablespoon of walnut tree leaves. Let it infuse for about 30 minutes, then sieve the result and sweeten it for your taste.

Consume the tea regularly, preferably on a daily basis.


If you have any type of diabetes, do not apply these treatments before consulting with a medical expert. These treatments should be administered with caution by people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis and hyperthyroid. If you are taking insulin to treat diabetes, you should verify your glycemic levels constantly while taking the walnut based treatment. Make sure to regulate your levels of insulin as often as possible.

These treatments should be applied responsibly, with caution. You should not, under any circumstances, use these recipes as substitutes for your ongoing diabetes treatment. Make sure to talk to your doctor before going for a treatment based on walnut tree leaves.

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