Use These 6 Tricks to Fool the Flu This Year

Everyone hates it when they’re getting a cold. It is frustrating and it always seems to mess up the plans we’ve made. It can easily ruin a family holiday or an event you were supposed to attend. So, in order to avoid this from happening, it is best to get rid of any potential factors that cause its appearance. Here are a few tricks you should put in practice as soon as possible.

keep cold at bay

  • Use hand sanitizer

Always make sure you have a hand sanitizer with you. Whether you keep it in your car or in your purse, it should always be there. Avoid the sanitizers with triclosan, as this ingredient can damage your heart.

  • Avoid stressing out

You should know that the people who are stressed are more prone to getting sick than those who choose to live a tranquil life. Mental exhaustion causes our immunity system to fail. Get back on track with it by practicing yoga and meditation or simply by relaxing in the privacy of your home.

  • Stay warm

By staying warm, you will manage to keep at bay any bacteria or viruses that might enter your skin. Avoid dressing with clothes that are made of chemical ingredients and go for wool-made hats or sweaters.

  • Stay clean at all times

The best way to avoid getting any bacteria around you is to keep your hands clean. So, every time you get home, make sure that this is the first thing you do before touching anything else. You would not want to bring harmful agents from outside into your home, right?

  • Eat your breakfast

You know what they say! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People who do not skip it have been proven to withstand getting colds much better than those who do not have the habit of eating breakfast. Not to mention the fact that the amount of energy used throughout the day is exponentially increased.

  • Use probiotics

Another way of boosting your immune system is by having a strong stomach and good bacteria. The foods that are rich in probiotics can banish any colds that might come close to you and especially to your children, who have a general bad habit of putting in their mouth everything they touch.

Winter is coming, the cold season is approaching, so it might be a good idea to start taking advantage of these tips. This way, any flu that might interfere with your life will be kept at bay and you will be able to go on with your schedule as planned, without any unforeseen changes. We all like stability, so avoiding a cold could easily help us go on with the things we planned without having to worry that they might be turned upside down.

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