Use Olive Oil and Say Good Bye to Alzheimer’s, Inflammation and Cancer

Scientists are starting to turn their attention towards natural remedies, which sometimes are better than all the harmful drugs prescribed by doctors.

olive oil for cancer

Not many of us know that nature offers us everything we need for a healthy body and a happy life. A group of scientists from the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences at Rutgers published a study in which they talk about their discovery. A compound in extra virgin oil has the power to kill cancer cells in no more than an hour, leaving healthy cells unaffected, as compared to radiation and chemotherapy that destroy all cells.

The secret to health is in our diet

Many studies are claiming that the secret to fighting numerous diseases is in our diet. The Western diet makes us prone to developing cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many other chronic and neurologic diseases that could be prevented.

The compound discovered is called oleocanthal, and it does not only kill cancerous cells, but it also reduces inflammation, osteoporosis, fights Alzheimer’s disease and suppresses tumors. Unfortunately, natural olive oil is hard to find in stores, as many companies choose to alter olive oil, mixing it with cheaper oils such as sunflower, soy or hazelnuts.

The highest quality olive oil is the one produced simply by milling olives without any heat or other methods. Many companies choose chemical methods, refining, and heat that minimize or even eliminate the potency of the natural properties of olive oil. Why do they do this? Because the high competition in the oil industry forces them to come up with a cheaper but at the same time lower quality, olive oil.

High-quality olive oil is hard to find

Fortunately, there are still companies that continue to use organic olives and traditional methods to get unadulterated and pure oil, even if it is a more expensive method as compared to others. This oil has the highest level of oleocanthal and the most intense flavor.

According to the studies made, the cancerous cells exposed to oleocanthal died in 30 to 60 minutes. This compound attacks the cancer cell-puncturing inside its waste center, killing it from the inside. Olive oil might play a role in the reduced incidence of cancer in Mediterranean diets, where, as we all know, the consumption of olive oil in really high.

Probably it will take years until this compound will make its way in the approved cancer treatments. Nevertheless, we hold hope that more scientists will focus on the resources nature gives us. Until then, all we can do is pay attention to the nutritionists’ advice and stay educated regarding what we can do and how to help our bodies fight diseases.

What can you do? Eat plenty of fatty fish, fresh fruits, vegetables, and use extra virgin olive oil generously. Limit or even eliminate processed foods and meat. Long-term behaviors have great importance when it comes to preventing cancer, dementia or other severe diseases. A healthy lifestyle and physical exercise will make us keep away from all the drugs and antibiotics that are so readily prescribed for any illness, no matter how mild.

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