Use Natural Ways to Increase Your Human Growth Hormone Levels

As its name suggests, the human growth hormone (HGH) stimulates growth, cell regeneration and cell reproduction in children and adults alike.

boost human growth levels

Our bodies naturally produce this hormone in the pituitary gland, but its production slows down as we age. That is why the skin becomes thinner and looser, and the immune system gets weaker. There are many HGH injections and supplements on the market, but their negative health effects will make you consider these natural ways to boost your growth hormone levels.

Do Not Neglect Sleep

More than 50% of growth hormone production takes place during sleep. Make sure you get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. If you deal with interrupted sleep or very poor sleep, you might want to try taking melatonin supplements to improve your sleep quality. Also, avoid using any electronic equipment before bedtime, avoid blue light exposure, alcohol and coffee, and listen to soft music to get a sound sleep.

Get Regular Exercise

High-intensity exercises, such as intervals, sprints or resistance training are an effective way to boost your HGH levels. During this type of exercise, the muscle fibers become active and release HGH and testosterone into the bloodstream.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Because HGH influences the body’s metabolism, it has been discovered that obese people have lower levels of growth hormones compared to people with a healthy weight. People with more body fat also have increased levels of insulin which suppress HGH production.

Vitamin D Is Important

Studies have demonstrated that Vitamin D deficiency significantly affects the HGH levels. Vitamin D also increases the testosterone levels which affect development and growth. You should keep the Vit D levels at 70-100 ng/mL. Try to consume walnuts, salmon, and D-fortified cereals and get exposure to morning sunlight.

Cut On Sugar Intake

Excess sugar can lead to weight gain, high insulin levels and obesity, which impacts the growth hormone levels. Also avoid drinks high in sugar, especially after workouts.

Try to Laugh More

Laughter is a great way to increase HGH naturally. It keeps tension and stress levels at bay and maintains the HGH and endorphin levels up. Join a comedy club or find something funny to watch every day at least for 10 minutes.

Healthy Diet

Diet is very important for the HGH secretion. Your diet should consist of 20% protein, 40% fat, and 40% carbs. Proteins such as arginine, stimulate the release of HGH. You can find it in beans, seeds, and nuts.

According to a study that was published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, protein ingestion before strength exercises boosts metabolism and blood hormones.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Reducing alcohol consumption or abstaining from it will help you keep the HGH at normal levels. It has been found that alcohol suppresses the release of the growth hormone during sleep, and even one glass of alcohol drops the HGH production by as much as 75% during sleep.

These are the most effective ways to boost your growth hormone levels naturally.

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