Use Eggshells as Natural Calcium Supplements

We usually tend to throw away valuable ingredients without knowing that we can use them as health remedies or vitamin supplements. One example is eggshells. We all throw them away because we see no way we could use them. But they have so many health boosting, invigorating and healing properties, that it would be a pity not to start using them to our benefit.

eggshells benefits

Eggs contain proteins, Vitamins A, D and B12, amino acids and many other nutrients, while egg shells are made completely of calcium carbonate, which is found in our teeth, nails, and bones. So you could get the daily intake of calcium without consuming dairy or over the counter supplements.

How to make your natural calcium supplement from egg shells?

Start saving egg shells and once you have 10-15 of them, you can put them in some water and boil them. Strain the liquid, put the shells on a baking pan and let them sit overnight. The next day, bake them at low temperature for 10 minutes, then grind them into a fine powder. You can use a coffee grinder.

Put them in a tightly closed jar and keep them in a cool and dry cupboard. Add half a teaspoon of egg shells’ powder to your favorite foods on a daily basis, and you will benefit from up to 500 mg of additional bioavailable calcium. You can add it to yogurt or smoothies or even in baked goods.

Other uses of egg shells

  • Useful as First Aid

You can use egg shells to treat sensitive skin reactions, such as itchy skin. Add some egg shells to several tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and soften them. Once they have dissolved, use a cotton ball to apply the natural treatment on your skin.

  • Use Them as Garden Nutrient

If the idea of eating them does not work with you, try to consider adding them to your garden. If you see that it takes a long time for your plants to grow or that they are affected by many diseases, you might have a calcium-deficient soil. You can use egg shells as a soil amendment in the fall, by adding them deep into the soil. If you want to cast out pests, crush egg shells, and sprinkle them over your soil. Slugs and other pests will find the sharp eggshells inhospitable and will go away.

Egg shells are really useful as seed starters. Simply put a seed in half an egg shell, after you have made a tiny hole at the bottom. Fill with seed starting soil and let the seed become a beautiful and healthy plant.


  • Beauty benefits

Stop using those toxic exfoliating products from the market. Simply mix two tablespoons of powdered eggshells with an egg white. Apply the paste as a facial mask, let it sit for 10-20 minutes, then wash with warm water in circular motion to exfoliate the skin.  Your skin will be smoother and firmer.

Egg shells are a valuable source of calcium. You do not have to eat them if you don’t like the idea, but at least use them for other purposes.

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