The Unknown Medicinal Properties of Mistletoe

Usually regarded as part of a tradition, mistletoe is commonly used as a decorative plant for New Year’s Eve, and its significance is well known to sweethearts. But this plant also carries many medicinal purposes that were known even in Ancient Greece.


Unlike the Eastern mistletoe found in the US, which is toxic, the mistletoe from Europe is very different. Besides its beneficial and therapeutic properties, it is mostly used in the injected form, but also for external use, such as tinctures, or teas.

It relaxes the body

Due to its relaxing properties, mistletoe can be used to alleviate anxiety. It calms your nerves and even reduces tremors.

It can also help people who suffer from insomnia or can be used as a remedy for loud snoring. In both cases, mistletoe has a calming effect and offers a restful sleep.

It keeps blood pressure at bay

High blood pressure can lead to cardiovascular problems or a heart condition. With a large success in lowering hypertension, or atherosclerosis, mistletoe can reduce the risks of heart attacks and regulate the pulse. These attributes can be found in the Japanese and European mistletoe and can improve heart problems without the help of prescription drugs, which can have many side effects.

It reduces the inflammation of the airway system

Mistletoe can have an anti-inflammatory effect and is commonly used as a treatment for shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing or sore throats. Being a natural remedy, it alleviates the symptoms by reducing the inflammation of the airways. It can even be prescribed for asthmatic attacks if needed.

It helps prevent cancer

Studies show that mistletoe can prevent cancer and furthermore, it can destroy the newly formed cancer cells by making them exterminate one another. Unlike chemotherapy, which is a brutal form of treatment, this plant has no side effects on the organism.

It diminishes joint pains

By lowering the inflammation, mistletoe offers comfort in case of arthritis, joint pain, or any similar condition that affects the joints and therefore produces pain caused by movement.

It lowers glucose levels

Research shows that mistletoe can decrease the glucose level and also determine the pancreatic cells to produce insulin. It helps by regulating these levels in the organism, and it is usually prescribed for patients with diabetes.

It can calm spasms

Used as a tonic, or in the form of tea, mistletoe extract eases cramps or spasms due to menstrual distress. By alleviating the pain and tension, it works as an excellent solution to these monthly problems.

The great benefits of mistletoe go a long way and even though it can improve your health or help fight a disease, it is not recommended to be taken without the supervision of a specialist. Also, you must take it only from a secure source that you trust. Finally, this plant must be properly prepared and if it’s used in the form of injections, it must be done only by a medical professional.

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