Unknown Facts about Fluoride – How it Destroys Brain Cells and Leads to Alzheimer’s

Fluoride is a particular trace mineral that is found in water and soil. It’s a compound that is also commonly found in our toothpaste and drinking water, as it is assumed to incorporate beneficial properties for our teeth’s health. Still, the artificial addition of fluoride to drinking water is commonly disputed, as it is believed to encompass harmful effects on our health.

fluoride harmful effects

Oddly enough, the US Centers for Disease Control consider this practice to be one of the most significant health accomplishments of the 20th century. On the contrary, World Health Organization places fluoride next to arsenic on the list of “naturally occurring hazard elements”. In this regard, there is little evidence that proves this mineral’s effectiveness in preventing tooth problems from occurring, as people living in countries in which the toothpaste presents this particular compound don’t seem to have healthier teeth. However, this is not the only concern regarding fluoride, as it is believed to embody detrimental effects on our brain’s health. Let’s see why you should think of avoiding fluoride from now on.

Fluoride is an advancing neurotoxin

A neurotoxin is a certain compound that is particularly harmful to the tissues of the brain and nervous system. An advancing neurotoxin causes genuine detrimental effects on the brain’s right functioning, especially before birth and in early childhood. A study developed regarding fluoride was presented in The Lancet, which is a highly-acknowledged, prestigious medical journal, stating that fluoride should be included in the class of developmental neurotoxins, next to mercury, arsenic, and toluene. These particular neurotoxins count as main contributors to developing autism, disruptive behavior, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Fluoride decreases IQ

Scientifical studies developed by Harvard School of Public Health and China Medical University indicated that there is a strong link between fluoride and the unfavorable impact it presents on our nervous system. Consequently, children that were exposed to this particular compound presented significantly lower IQ scores than those who were not. Additionally, there is evidence pinpointing that humans exposed to this chemical also experienced lower IQ scores.

Fluoride can be a triggering factor for Alzheimer’s disease

Autopsies conducted on patients who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease indicated that their brains contained significantly higher levels of neurotoxic aluminum. Thus, it was concluded that fluoride could be one of the triggering factors that leads to the occurrence of this awful disease.

The brain presents a semi-permeable barrier that is supposed to prevent foreign substances such as fluoride and aluminum from entering the brain. However, when aluminum and fluoride meet, they manage to break this barrier.

Fluoride grows the risks of low thyroid

One of the detrimental aspects fluorides presents on our health is the fact that it contributes to increasing the risks of hyperthyroidism. Fluoride seems to prevent the proper assimilation of iodine. Consequently, in the case of iodine insufficiency, the thyroid is no longer able to fabricate thyroid hormones. Cognitive and mental issues that are utterly common side effects of hyperthyroidism include lack of focus, depression, memory loss, and anxiety disorders.

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  1. Wow all my life as a child iwhen i went to the dentist and probably in our drinking water i thought it was good for you now im starting to get affected by it i sometimes forget things

  2. Use essential oils! And make your own toorhpaste!

  3. I only brush with BAKING soda. I don’t trust today’s toothpaste.

  4. and yet the ingredients in all toothpaste has fluoride in them

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