Treating Heatstroke Naturally

Heatstroke is commonly met during these summer months since the temperatures go higher than usually. When someone suffers from this condition, the body temperature increases, because of the extended exposure to high temperatures. This may often happen when someone performs a kind of physical exercise outside.

heatstroke remedies

Heatstroke often combines two conditions – that’s why, when you feel overheated, you may experience a range of heat cramps. When the body cannot cool down, the symptoms one experiences include headaches, sweating, exhaustion, and nose bleeding. That’s why, since the hot season is present in all its glory, you should get acquainted with a range of home remedies for treating heatstroke effectively.

Hydration is golden

Keeping your body hydrated is a golden practice when the temperatures are high on the charts. That’s mainly because dehydration is the primary root of heatstroke, creating a sense of weakness and nausea. Plus, abundant sweating can also occur, which leads to the loss of salt in the body. Thereupon, I couldn’t stress enough the importance of drinking plenty of fluids, and salty drinks as well, in this way keeping the water/salt balance. Since it’s true that the amount of water needed for hydration differs by individual, it’s important to listen to your body’s needs.

Have a cold bath

Having a cold bath is one way in which you could decrease your body temperature – guaranteed. Optionally, you can add some ice cubes in the tub, and allow them to stay for about 10 minutes. Nonetheless, as tempting as this alternative sounds, it’s important to have someone at your side, in the case in which the heatstroke makes you faint.

Take a cool shower

By having a refreshing shower, you’ll also be able to diminish your body temperature, being a more time-effective alternative to the previous one. Alternatively, you can wash your hair with cool water if your time is limited.

Use a cooling blanket

You can always use a cooling blanket, and wrap it around you when you feel that the symptoms linked to heatstroke are steadily approaching. Without fear of contradiction, this is considered to be one of the best remedies for getting rid of a heatstroke. It’s highly recommended to cover your neck, back and chest completely for best results.

Have some raw mango

Fresh mango is a gift from heaven – not only is it a delicious fruit, but it’s also famous for treating heatstroke effectively. Specialists outline that consuming it in its raw form protects your body from suffering from another heatstroke. You can combine the pulp of the fruit with cumin seeds, salt, pepper, and coriander. Alternatively, combine the mixture with water, and enjoy this drink for best results. Also, you could relish this delicious fruit roasted with some sugar on top.

Onion juice

By massaging onion juice into your chest, and behind the ears, you’ll obtain some relief from the symptoms related to heatstroke. Alternatively, you may apply raw onions as well. For a quick recovery, it’s recommended to include more onions in your dishes as well.

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