Treat Psoriasis with Apple Cider Vinegar

Psoriasis affects a wide array of people all over the world. This is quite a common skin disease and it’s immune-mediated and chronic. People suffering from psoriasis have plaques, pustules and red patches on their skin. Besides these symptoms, the people with psoriasis will also experience emotional turmoil.

Treat Psoriasis with Apple Cider Vinegar

This disorder must not be confused with eczema or dermatitis, even though it has similar symptoms with these 2 conditions. Until now, there hasn’t been found any safe treatment for this disorder. For this reason, it’s quite difficult to deal with psoriasis and get rid of it. Still, numerous studies have been conducted lately and most of them have shown that apple cider vinegar is able to treat psoriasis. This is due to the fact that apple cider vinegar can balance the pH levels in the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Psoriasis

Apple cider vinegar is a safe treatment for psoriasis. The ancient Greeks used this product to treat diabetes, hair loss, low / high cholesterol levels, obesity and skin disorders.

In the numerous studies conducted to reveal the power of apple cider vinegar, the participants said that it had much better effects than the over-the-counter lotions and creams.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Usage

If you want to try apple cider vinegar to cure psoriasis, you should know how to use it. To begin with, make sure you only purchase unpasteurized and unfiltered vinegar that has a muddy-looking and grainy object afloat of it. That is the “mother” of vinegar and it’s rich in the significant enzymes and nutrients that treat psoriasis. So, if you want to treat this condition, don’t purchase filtered and clear vinegar because it’s no good in this particular case.

Internal Use

You may not know this, but you can treat psoriasis by consuming apple cider vinegar internally. Use plenty of water to dilute the apple cider vinegar and, at the end, add some honey to make it taste better. Consume one glass of diluted apple cider vinegar per day.

By consuming this solution, you will eliminate the toxins from your organism. This way, you will get rid of the internal causes of this condition. The consumption of apple cider vinegar will also help you lose weight, burn fats and boost digestion.

External Use

You can also treat psoriasis by using apple cider vinegar externally. For this, mix apple cider vinegar with water in equal quantities and use a cotton ball to apply the solution on the affected areas. Always dilute the vinegar before applying it because it will be too acidic if you don’t do this. Leave the apple cider vinegar on the skin for about 30 minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat the procedure two times per day.

Apple cider vinegar has an antibacterial property and will immediately eliminate the free radicals and the harmful elements on the skin. At the same time, it will balance the pH levels of the skin.

Before using the apple cider vinegar solution on your affected areas, you should first apply a little bit on a hidden area to make sure that you’re not allergic and that you won’t suffer any side effects.

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