Treat a Phobia the Natural Way

Everyone has a fear or two – but the fear becomes a phobia the moment you start feeling irrational panic or terror upon seeing the source of said fear. A phobia is nothing close to a general anxiety disorder, because unlike that one, you can actually point out what’s causing your fear attacks. Some of the most common phobias are claustrophobia (the fear of staying in enclosed places), agoraphobia (the fear of open places), acrophobia (fear of heights) and arachnophobia (fear of spiders).

natural remedies for phobias

Having a Phobia

The symptoms of a phobia can be in many ways close to those of a panic attack. Upon being faced with the object of your phobia, you may start experiencing a racing heart, mouth dryness, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, chest pain, dizziness, an upset stomach, trembling and even sweating.

A phobia can go from mildly irritating to totally disabling, which can actually interfere with your daily life. And while a person suffering from the phobia may know that their fear is actually unreasonable, they have no power to stop it. Certain medication can be prescribed to help with phobias, such as anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants. Most of these have proven to be highly effective in keeping a phobia under control, allowing the individual to lead a normal life.

Going Natural

While it may be true that conventional medicine has proven to be successful in treating phobias, there are still options for people who want to go around it the natural way. However, if your phobia is part of the downright disabling category, you have to check with your doctor if you wish to approach a natural treatment. Meanwhile, here are some of our options for you.

  • Lemon: Sniffing or eating a slice of lemon can work wonders when you are faced with a panic attack caused by a phobia. If one of your symptoms includes dizziness or nausea, this remedy might actually be the thing for you.
  • Ginseng: Since this remedy is something popularly used to combat fatigue and stress, aiding the nervous system, it is also great for someone who suffers from a phobia.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: This home remedy also works wonders on the nervous system. Studies have proven that Ginkgo Biloba can help relieve insomnia and ease stress, which are often associated with a phobia.
  • Lavender: Sniffing onto the sweet, flowery scent of lavender is enough to calm your nerves and stop you from going into a downright panic attack. Make sure to carry around a small bottle of lavender oil if you’re prone to phobia attacks.
  • Passion Flower: Not only is this flower beautiful, but it can also work wonders in calming the nerves and keeping a phobia at bay.
  • Valerian Root: This herb has a sedative effect, preventing you from going towards that dark corner of the dread associated with a phobia.

These herbs have been used for many years now to keep a phobia under control, and they can more than likely help you keep yours at bay as well.

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