Treat Epilepsy in a Natural Way with These Remedies

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder that is characterized by convulsions and seizures. The word in itself, “epilepsy”, comes from the Greek word “attack”.  It is one of the first brain disorders discovered in medicine, the oldest accounts of it being detailed in ancient Babylon tablets, which are writings that date back 3.000 years ago. It is a dangerous disease which, if left untreated, can cause serious damage.

natural remedies for epilepsy

How is Epilepsy Described?

Epileptic attacks and seizures happen when the brain engages in abnormal, disturbed activity, leading to variations in the behavior or attention. Epilepsy can be caused by many things, such as a brain injury, stroke, brain tumors, dementia, inherited brain defect and so on. The main cause of the convulsion is the lack of oxygen given to the brain, because of the poor blood circulation. What’s frightening about this disease is that there is no cure that can guarantee 100% recovery. The seizures can be controlled with medicine, but there is always a chance of a relapse, never knowing when they might occur again. These seizures can appear in different stages of a person’s life: some may only experience these seizures during childhood, without them prolonging throughout their life, others might experience them during adulthood and lifelong. Anti-seizure medicine is mostly how epilepsy is treated. With the help of pharmaceuticals, brain surgery or psychological help, the seizures can be kept under control. But before resorting to such drastic measures, one should first try to keep the epileptic attacks in check by using alternative natural medicine. Some anti-epileptic medications can have other side effects that are both physical and psychological, and this is why it is recommended to give epilepsy treatment a more natural approach.

How do you cure epilepsy naturally?

Most of the seizures are caused by external factors that stop the oxygen and blood flow from going to the brain, inducing higher stress levels and improper mineral absorption. Such factors can be unhealthy food habits, alcohol abuse, smoking and so on. One can take up natural treatments such as these in order to reduce the frequency of the seizures.

  • Eat plenty of vegetables and drink fruit juices

Vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, and cucumber juice can cleanse the toxins, reducing the seizures. Also, drink plenty of water and herbal teas to improve blood circulation.

  • Don’t eat processed food

White sugar, white rice and everything artificial may induce the seizures.

  • Use herbs to cure epilepsy

Gotu Kola, Ginseng, Green Tea, and Black Walnut hulls are said to improve oxygen flow while Ginger, Jasmine Flower, Irish Moss or European Mistletoe are believed to cure epilepsy.

  • Include Zinc and Magnesium Supplements

Zinc and Magnesium supplements can improve epileptic conditions. Also, include in your diet foods like almond, cashew or spinach for vitamin B1 and vitamin E intake.

  • Oils and Essences of Flowers

Lavender oil, as well as Marjoram, are known for controlling seizures. Also, inhale flower essences such as Impatiens, Heather or Water Violet.

 While you adopt natural treatments and go through a lifestyle change to keep your epilepsy under control, it is not recommended to give up traditional medicine completely. If you continue having attacks, it is recommended you consult with your doctor.

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