Treat Acne with Camphor Oil

Camphor has a distinctive aroma and it’s also renowned for its amazing medicinal properties. Camphor is in fact a crystalline substance that comes from the woods and barks of the camphor tree. Its main benefit is that it can treat numerous skin disorders. Moreover, numerous pimple and acne creams contain camphor. If you’re looking for a home remedy for acne, you can try using camphor oil.

Treat Acne with Camphor Oil

Camphor is mainly grown in Vietnam, Madagascar, Japan and China. From its stems and leaves, you can extract three categories of camphor oil: brown, white and yellow. The only one that has medicinal properties is the white camphor oil.

Camphor Oil and Acne

There are numerous beauty therapies that make use of camphor due to its ability to treat and reduce acne. Its main benefits are:

– It is a great astringent for the skin. When applied on the face, it tightens the pores, eliminates the impurities and oils and purifies the skin.

– It treats acne. It has antioxidant properties and can rejuvenate the skin and, at the same time, it keeps the skin revitalized and healthy. Camphor oil also has the ability to heal various skin disorders such as neurodermatitis, oily and dry skin and itchiness.

Camphor Oil Recipes

In order to use camphor oil to treat acne, you can mix it with essential oils. This way, its antioxidant properties will be boosted. Use one of the following recipes.

Camphor Oil Massage

What you need:

– Water

– Camphor oil


This is the simplest way to use camphor oil to treat acne. To begin with, wash your face thoroughly. Boil the water and use it to steam your face for almost 20 minutes. This way, you will remove the impurities and open the skin pores. Use the camphor oil to massage your skin and eliminate the acne. Repeat this procedure 1 – 2 times per week.

Camphor Oil and Essential Oils

What you need:

– ½ cup almond oil

– 1 teaspoon camphor oil

– ½ cup castor oil


Mix the almond oil with the castor oil to obtain a smooth paste. At the end, add the camphor oil. Wash your face and use a towel to pat dry. Before applying the mixture on the face make sure to stir it well. Apply it on the skin and let it cure overnight. After you wake up, wash off with lukewarm water. After using this treatment a few times, you will notice the acne disappearing.


– Pregnant women should avoid using camphor oil.

– If you have asthma, always dilute the camphor oil before applying it on the face. This way, it won’t get into your nostrils.

– If your skin is busted, don’t apply this oil, as it can be poisonous and life threatening.

– If you want to get rid of acne, besides using camphor oil, you should also have a healthy diet that does not include fried and oily foods.

– Make sure you use the recommended quantities when dealing with camphor oil so as to prevent over dosage and poisoning.

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