Top Tips to Get Protection against Harmful Cellphone Radiation

Cell phones have become a major part of our lives, and, let’s admit it; we can’t possibly live without them. Still, in spite of their effectiveness, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that they affect our health negatively, because of the harmful radiation they release. Studies show us that cell phone radiations contribute to the appearance of health problems including anxiety, stress, and anger, lack of concentration, insomnia and weariness. Additionally, there is a link between infertility and cell phone radiation.

cell phone radiation

Consequently, it is important that you consider taking the necessary precaution measurements so that you protect yourself from the harmful effects cell phone radiations encompass. Consider the following tips.

  • Use the speakerphone

Let’s admit it, nobody likes talking on the speakerphone. It’s quite annoying, and sometimes it’s really hard to understand anything of what the other person is telling you. However, you should put your health first and use the speakerphone more, especially when you’re in the privacy of your own home. Another positive idea would be purchasing a hands-free headset, which comes in handy in protecting yourself from detrimental radiations as well.

  • Consider texting instead of talking

When it comes to emergencies, it’s normal that you have to make a phone call. That’s why you have a phone, right? However, when the situations are not urgent or extreme, consider texting instead of talking on the phone. This way, you limit your exposure to detrimental radiation.

  • Keep the phone away from your body

Studies show us that cell phones do not only affect the right functioning of the brain, but they also have detrimental effects on the reproductive system. More exactly, specialists indicate that men who use cell phones on a regular basis presented an imminent abnormal sperm production. This happens as a result of the habit of keeping the phone in the pocket, closely attached to the skin. This is why we recommend you use a high-quality cell phone case and try to keep your cell phone away from the body when possible.

  • Don’t use the phone in moving vehicles

During movement, your cell phone emits increased detrimental radiation, as it tries to catch signal. Thus, it is obvious that the amount of radiation you expose yourself to grows. Additionally, inside the metallic parts of moving vehicles such as cars, trains, buses or trams, the amount of radiation imminently grows. Plus, you shouldn’t use your phone in the basement, due to the same principle.

  • Don’t use the phone in isolated areas

When you are in an isolated area, and your phone is unable to catch signal, it releases an excess of radiation. Thus, you imminently and unconsciously expose yourself to larger amounts of harmful radiation.

  • Turn off your phone

When you’re not using your phone, and you have no need of it, it is recommendable to turn it off. For instance, at night, you have no need for your cell phone, right? Limit the time you expose yourself to radiation by turning it off.

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