Top 5 Ways to Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome

Digital eye strain, or how many people call it, computer vision syndrome, is a medical condition in which an individual is using digital screens for a prolonged period, either for work or entertainment purposes. Specialists presume that people who are exposed to an average of 7 hours of work on a computer, whether at home or the office, are affected by this syndrome.


Computer vision syndrome is influenced by a series of factors, such as the glare, the awkward viewing angles of some screens, the incorrect posture and the distance between the individual and the screen. These all conclude to a strain in the human eye, making it harder to read than on normal paper.

Even though computer vision syndrome won’t permanently affect your vision, it may also create a series of discomforts, such as headaches, shoulder and neck pain, eye dryness and sometimes even blurry vision for a couple of seconds. In order to keep yourself comfortable while you are using your computer or mobile phone to browse, work or play video games, you should consider these tips:

  • Take frequent time-offs from the device

Everybody knows that the best way to be efficient and resourceful with your energy is to take regular breaks, and that can apply to your eyes too. In order to “refresh” them, you’ll need to take a break every 20 minutes while focusing on an object farther than 18 feet.

  • Learn how to position your computer monitor

Most people observed that the best viewing angle for a computer monitor is 4-5 inches below your eye level, tilted slightly at 15 degrees. You should also consider moving your monitor at least 20 inches from where you are seated, to ensure a correct viewing experience.

  • Make sure you blink enough

Contrary to the Weeping Angles episode in the Doctor Who series, the computer space is a place where you shouldn’t forget to blink often. By doing so, you will keep your eyes moist and avoid the itchy sensation after an extended period of usage of the monitor.

  • Decrease glare on the screen

One of the most efficient ways to reduce the glare on the screen is to make sure the sun is not facing your computer monitor. In order to enhance this, you can use low wattage light bulbs and possibly a screen filter to ensure that glare isn’t a problem.

  • Modify the screen’s brightness

One of the basic ways to deal with eye strain is to lower your computer’s brightness. The secret is to set it to a value that matches the lighting of your environment, so you would not experience any discomfort while using it.

The working environment has changed drastically in the last few decades, and more and more people have to use digital screens on a daily basis. Using one or more of these tips could help improve the experience and maintain your eyesight in the best shape.

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