Top 5 Cancer Myths Busted

When it comes to cancer, everybody seems to know what is good or bad for it, what causes or prevents it. Moreover, the Internet is filled with all kinds of information regarding this serious health problem. A quick research will lead you to numerous articles on this topic, and it may seem that you can learn how to cure or avoid cancer only by changing your lifestyle or introducing a single food in your daily diet. But unfortunately, many of these articles are not written by experts or qualified individuals. This fact led to plenty of cancer myths, which tend to become more and more popular among those who care about their health.

cancer myths

You can prevent cancer with a healthy diet

Even though a healthy diet is recommended by any doctor or nutritionist and has undeniable benefits, it cannot prevent cancer. It can boost the function of your immune system or improve other processes in your body so as to reduce the risk of cancer, but not to eliminate it. Don’t forget that cancer is a complex disease, hard to comprehend, and only eating superfoods is not enough to thwart it. But keep on consuming kale, broccoli, soy, blueberry, etc., to reduce the risks.

Cancer can be contagious

This mentality was a trend long time ago, and some people still continue to believe that you can take cancer just like you take AIDS. This is totally false. The only way to be at risk is by receiving an organ from someone who had cancer. On the other hand, bacteria or viruses which may trigger cancer can be spread from person to person, but not the disease itself.

Consuming too many sweets will lead to cancer

Even though this statement can surely frighten anyone who has a sweet tooth, eating sweets does not cause cancer. Medical and scientific studies proved only one connection between cancer and sugar consumption: cancer cells eat much higher amounts of glucose compared to normal cells. But this is perfectly normal when you think of how fast they grow.

Medical treatments are rather harmful than useful

Many people tend to avoid medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery because they read on the Internet that these procedures could be more harmful than useful. In some cases, the conventional treatments do not succeed to eliminate this disease completely, especially when it comes to advanced stages. But this does not make them useless because they are based on years of medical and scientific research, and can cure cancer completely or prolong survival. There may be examples of patients who have not benefit from these methods, but think of how many other people could get rid of this disease by following their doctor’s recommendations.

The super-cures you found on the Internet work for real

Because cancer is such a serious illness, people usually panic and are eager to try anything to heal. So are the families of cancer patients. And many take advantage of their despair and try to sell miraculous products that can cure cancer. This is the only valid explanation for the abundance of cancer cures tackled online, so don’t let yourself be fooled by them.

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