Tips for a Healthier Hair

It is said that hair reflects the health condition of your body. But sometimes, even if you don’t have major health problems, and you are an active person and pay attention to your diet, your hair appearance may be unsatisfactory. Why does this happen? Most probably, you have adopted some bad habits for your hair’s health, without even realizing it. Preoccupied with their appearance, many people tend to abuse of hairstyling products and to “suffocate” the hair springs and the scalp. But here are some tips that you should put into practice for a stronger and healthier hair.

healthy hair

Wash your comb regularly

One of the biggest mistakes is to use unclean combs. Still, this is a very common mistake. We simply tend to forget about this, but the combs used in our daily hair-care routine have an effect on our hair, for sure. Sebum combined with dirt is not a good treatment for your hair, and it can lead to unhealthy hair. So, make sure that you wash your comb regularly and that you don’t borrow it to other people. It is indicated to have a personal comb, used only by yourself.

Pay attention to your scalp

A problem like dandruff is not a problem of the hair, but of the scalp. The tendency is to neglect your scalp while caring for your hair. Actually, the way in which you take care of your scalp would be reflected in the health of your hair. So what do you have to do? One of the simplest methods of taking care of your scalp is by washing it carefully and massaging it with your fingers while shampooing.

Take care of how you brush your hair

When it comes to brushing your hair, it is important to know that this action should be done gently and for about 100 strokes per day. If you tend to brush it excessively, the sebaceous glands will increase the level of sebum as a way of defense. In this case, your hair will become oily quicker. Another drawback of excessive brushing is the risk of damaging the hair springs.

How often do you shampoo?

To be short, it is not indicated to shampoo your hair more than three times a week. However, if your hair is greasy and you cannot follow this piece of advice, you shouldn’t worry too much about the damages of  shampoo upon your hair. It is mostly a cleaning product, with no such effects as hair loss. Still, you should always be careful to use a natural or organic shampoo.

What kind of shampoo to use

This decision affects the way your hair looks. It is recommended to use mild shampoos. This category includes baby shampoo, less concentrated shampoo, medicated shampoo or some shampoos with natural ingredients; they will provide you a healthy hair, by cleaning and caring it, without aggressing it.

Take care of your diet

What you eat influences not only your body but also your hair. Proteins and minerals are vital for a strong and shiny hair. The growth of your hair will be influenced by your diet too, so make sure you include some food rich in vitamins.

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