The Healing Power of Roses

The magnificent roses can be a blessing for the eye and also a blessing for our health. Many people don’t know that roses can be used as medicinal herbs. They can be used in a therapeutic way in order to help people heal a wide array of health conditions.

health benefits of roses

Rose petals contain 95% water and vitamin C, which protects the cells, and they also have laxative properties. The healing effects of roses are numerous and they can help people be more positive. At the same time they have antibacterial and cardiovascular effects and can help those who have respiratory problems.

The effects on the nervous system

Roses have beneficial effects on the nervous system. They enlighten your mood, reduce anxiety and depression and help you sleep better. If you want to treat your insomnia with the help of roses, their essential oil would be the perfect choice.

Antibacterial effects

Rose oil, rose water and rose tea are excellent cures for infections and wounds. They have astringent properties that help the skin revert to its previous look. They also have antibacterial properties, that are able to maintain the spot clean. You can use these products for treating digestive and urinary infections.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Roses are included among the herbs that can stimulate and warm up some organs and areas. This plant proved to be very useful in increasing the cardiac rhythm and helping the heart pump more blood into the body. It is also extremely beneficial for improving the blood circulation.

The effects on the respiratory system

Rose water and essential rose oil are able to ameliorate cough in children. Its effects are similar to those triggered by Theophylline, that is an antibacterial and immunological medicine. It induces a relaxing effect on the bronchial muscles. If you catch a cold, you can make yourself a cup of tea with hot water and a teaspoon of dried rose petals. If you have asthma, fever, cough and queasiness, you can prepare a solution with 3-5 drops of rose oil and hot water in order to inhale it.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Rose extracts, no matter if they include water or alcohol, can reduce body infections. This property is essential for easing the pain and treating infections. All you have to do to obtain these benefits is to apply warm rose oil on the affected areas.

Rose petals are edible and they can be used for cooking ( for deserts, jelly, syrup). The rose infusion can be used for every case described above. When it comes to rose essential oils and rose extracts, you must remember that they are very powerful and they need to be administrated as the prospect says.

Now we know that roses, besides being a joy to the heart and eyes, can also make us healthier and help us become more positive regarding every aspect of our lives. Next time you will have respiratory problem or an infection, you will know that the beautiful and beneficial rose is the answer.

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