Symptoms that Pinpoint Your Body Is Filled with Toxins

The first thing that pops into our head when we think about toxins is perhaps factories or industrial waste. However, we overlook the fact that our bodies are victims of toxins overload as well. Our bodies absorb them either by ingestion or inhalation. Everything surrounding us is filled with toxins – our food, especially processed meals, and our environment.

toxins in your body

In the long run, the prolonged exposure to all sorts of toxins can lead to the occurrence of a wide range of health problems including neurological diseases, cardiovascular problems, infertility and biological mutations. In this view, we have come up with a list embodying the main symptoms that pinpoint your body is filled with detrimental toxins.

Permanent fatigue

Feeling permanently weary and worn out can be one of the signs that your body suffers from toxic overload. The long-term exposure to toxins can lead to severe digestive problems that interfere with the right functioning of your body’s digestive tract. This leads to a permanent state of fatigue. Additionally, fatigue is a sign of a poor, weakened immune system.


The colon functions to eliminate processed detrimental toxins. Thus, digestive problems including an unhealthy colon can lead to constipation – thus the inability to eliminate processed toxins. Constipation can be treated by increasing the amount of water one drinks and by maintaining a balanced, healthy diet accompanied by regular exercise.

Headaches and migraines

Environmental toxins widely affect the right functioning of the nervous system. In this regard, toxins may lead to increasing brain cells sensitivity. Studies indicate that pollution and permanent exposure to certain chemicals and toxins contribute to the appearance of painful headaches and migraines on a regular basis.

Weight gain

Toxins can affect your body’s weight-control mechanisms. If you don’t exercise on a regular basis, and you indulge in eating unhealthy processed meals mostly, you increase the risks of weight gain and this can become a health problem. Toxins are so detrimental as they genuinely change your body’s hormonal activity, thus leading to altering your thyroid gland that is in charge with secreting fat-burning hormones. Resultantly, toxins seem to decrease the production of this particular hormone, leading to weight gain.

Skin affections

Our skin is our bodies’ second detoxifying organ. The moment the liver is no longer able to deal with the amount of toxins in our body, our skin can further present different affections including sweating, rashes, burnings. Another reason skin affections are so regular is because of the wide range of cosmetics that are also filled with chemicals and other detrimental substances that present harmful effects for our health.

Bad breath

A bad breath is another indicator that your body might be filled with toxins. If brushing your teeth doesn’t seem to solve the problem, then you might have harmful bacteria that causes your bad breath. Additionally, a bad breath can also pinpoint that you may have kidney problems, as they are in charge of eliminating the toxins in your body by creating urine.

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