Sugar and Its Splendid Beauty Benefits

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you ought to get acquainted with sugar’s amazing properties for helping you look pretty! As surprising as it may seem, sugar can be a useful addition to your beauty arsenal, being able to diminish the amount of dead cells on your skin, leaving it revitalized and shining with a youthful glow!

Several types of sugar - refined  and granulated

Several types of sugar – refined and granulated

Additionally, it aims at clearing out skin dirt and excess oils, thus thoroughly cleaning your pores and preventing your skin from possibly getting infected with bacteria! Of course you don’t want this to happen to your complexion – this is what usually leads to the appearance of pimples and blackheads, which is utterly unpleasant.

So, without further ado, here are a couple of reasons why sugar will make you look even lovelier!

Dead Cell Remover

Sugar is a cheap and natural way of thoroughly exfoliating your skin, removing the dead cells from its surface! Using sugar as a sweet scrub is a great alternative to scrubs you may find on the market, which may cause the appearance of allergic reactions, since they are filled with all sorts of chemicals, and which will leave you with a hole in your pocket. This utterly sweet scrub will undoubtedly accomplish its mission of removing the dead cells gently, but effectively!

Consider this DYI face scrub recipe – mix sugar with coconut oil which is loaded with vitamin E and moisturizing functions, and voila! Your very own sweet and scented organic scrub; gently massage your face using this marvelous mixture and rinse it off using warm water. Be careful not to end up eating the scrub, as its scent is utterly tempting and delicious!

If you wish to exfoliate the surface of your body, opt for a mixture of sugar and mashed banana. When you’re taking a shower, before soaping, massage this sweet mixture on your entire body, paying special attention to the knees and elbows, as they could be utterly dry.

Lip Softener

Exfoliate your lips by spreading some sugar on their surface and gently massaging it.  Bear in mind that your lips are really sensitive, so massage gently. Rinse off using warm water and afterwards you may apply your favorite lip balm. This sweet ingredient will make your lips smooth, soft and completely irresistible!

It Pampers Your Pores

Consider boosting the beneficial effects a sugar scrub has on your pores by adding a few drops of lemon juice! Softly massage this lemony combination on your face and pay special attention to your T-zone. Rinse the scrub off your face using warm water, followed by cold water which will aim at closing your pores.

It Improves Your Fake Tan

Fake tan has grown in popularity lately; but keep in mind that you should prepare your skin accordingly before proceeding to doing this.

Get your skin ready for an all natural (but fake) tan, by scrubbing this sweet ingredient on your soaked skin. It will remove the excess oil and dead cells lying on your skin, leaving it smooth and silky, and grant your fake tan a realistic glow!

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