Sleeping Problems, Thin Hair, and Brittle Nails – Hormonal Imbalance Is To Blame

A lot of people complain about sleeping problems, brittle nails, and thin hair accompanied by an array of symptoms such as erupting skin, weight gain, digestive issues and the list may go on forever. All these symptoms are, in fact, suggesting that you might be suffering from hormonal imbalance.

hormonal imbalance

Different types of hormonal imbalance

If you find yourself experiencing fatigue and sleeping problems, it means that you might have problems with the adrenals – the stress-hormone producing glands. Fatigue, paired with constipation, brittle nails, weight gain and thin hair – all these symptoms indicate that your thyroid gland might not work properly. Menstrual and pre-menstrual issues mean that your body’s hormone levels of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and sex hormones might be irregular. Fatigue and weight gain are typical signs that indicate the presence of these three types of hormonal imbalances.

However, weight gain may also point that your diet contains too much starch and sugar. In many cases, carbohydrate intolerance, which suggests that the insulin hormone isn’t working correctly, is the culprit. Many patients who deal with weight gain are subject to insulin resistance and ingest too many carbohydrates for the body to metabolize efficiently.

Conventional tests aren’t practical in most of the cases

In a nutshell, feeling uncomfortable and looking bad are not immediate side effects that come with aging. That’s a definite no-no. Nonetheless, if you experience any of the symptoms enumerated above, you might suffer from hormonal imbalances. If you underwent tests of your blood sugar, thyroid, adrenals, and they pointed that everything’s ok, there are chances that, in spite of that, your hormonal levels are anything but optimal. In this case, what can you do?

Don’t settle for this kind life, assuming that it’s inevitable and that everything comes down with age. Instead, consider the following tips on how to re-establish your hormonal balance – you’ll feel much better in no time.

  • Reduce the intake of starch and sweets – in case you didn’t know till now, eating too many sweets can really set your hormones at a bad rate. Once you reduce, or better, eliminate these foods from your diet for about two weeks, you’ll feel reinvigorated.
  • Include more healthy fats into your diet – if you don’t eat enough good fats, your body’s capability of producing healthy hormone levels is jeopardized. Please let go of the fat-phobia that is so common today, and learn how to distinguish between the fat that is good for you and the one that is bad.
  • Diminish the intake of high-sugar fruits, legumes, and grains for a couple of weeks – that applies in particular if you are, without your knowledge, carbohydrate intolerant. Eating too many carbs may just lead to the occurrence of metabolic disorders for patients that present insulin resistance and are unable to process these foods accordingly.
  • Foster a healthy sleeping program – not getting enough sleep is terrible for you, causing a range of hormonal imbalances in your body. A bad sleeping schedule is imminently linked to premature brain and body aging – and that’s something you want to avoid, don’t you?

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