Skinny Jeans Can Cause Health Problems

Skinny jeans are a very popular trend that continues to dominate the fashion world. You can wear them at school, at work, when you go out with your friends, and in many other situations. They can be part of almost any outfit, and they make the person who wears them look fit and nice. Moreover, they are available for any budget. That’s why they are still in trend, and people continue to use them.

skinny jeans problems

Even if we cannot deny all these, it is important to know that skinny jeans don’t have only advantages. In fact, in the recent years, more and more doctors have warned us about the effects of skinny jeans on your health.

Recent studies about skinny jeans

In 2015, a study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry presented the case of an Australian woman, who was 35 years old and got to the hospital because of her skinny jeans. This woman was wearing skinny jeans when she helped a relative to move. She sat for several hours in squatting position and she begun to feel her jeans as being very uncomfortable and tight. As the hours passed away, the sensation was getting stronger. Despite the discomfort, she continued to work, and she went home only in the evening.

As she was returning home, she felt like she could barely walk or move her legs. She also experienced numbness in her legs and feet. She was no longer able to move, and she fell.

What did the medical examination reveal?

After a few hours, somebody found her, and she was taken to the hospital. It was impossible for the jeans to be taken off, so they were cut off.

The woman was examined, and the results were worrying. The calf muscle was as traumatized as in the case of stroke; the woman couldn’t feel any sensation on the sides of the lower legs and feet, not to mention that she experienced excessive swelling in these areas.

They also found out that the peroneal and tibial nerves were practically blocked. When these nerves don’t work properly, the feet, toes, and lower legs cannot receive electrical signals regarding movement and sensations. That’s why the woman couldn’t move her legs.

Other health conditions caused by skinny jeans

  • Bladder problems

Because of the pressure that skinny jeans put on the bladder, this organ has to suffer. Tight bottoms increase the risk of bladder infection. Furthermore, skinny jeans aggravate urinary tracts infections, and the ones who are suffering from such a disease should avoid tight jeans at least until the end of the treatment.

  • Acid reflux

If you wear skinny jeans with a tight-fitting waist, you increase the risk of acid reflux. The pressure put on the stomach is too powerful, and the gastroesophageal sphincter can no longer deal with the situation.

  • Reproductive problems

These problems are common for men who wear skinny jeans because the groin area is heated more than usual and the sperm production is reduced. Moreover, the pressure put on the groin area may lead to a severe condition of the testicles, named testicular torsion.

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